Medium or large tote (Cambon)?

  1. Curious, which size do you prefer and why?

    I've never seen a large tote in person before. It looked a little too wide to me at first, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. The medium is nice, but it doesn't hold that much. :flowers:
  2. I have both sizes and find both of them useful depending on the occassion.

    I prefer to wear the medium when going out at night and the large during the day for running errands, shopping, and brunch/lunch.
  3. I am planning on purchasing a beige/black large tote because I just liked the size better compared to the medium.
  4. the medium is/was too small for me personally.
  5. I have both and use the same like pink_bai2bi! Love 'em!
  6. Is there a small also? I know there is one ttha'ts about one foot long and about 1.5 feet that the small? What size are the medium and large ones?
  7. There's a small, but when they say small they mean teeny!
  8. I love my large tote. It holds a lot. Just be aware that the logo is about the size of your head LOL. You have to be in a "logo mood".
  9. Yes, Chanel's small size is really tiny tiny..I will say go for large tote, it is not that large at all..:biggrin:
  10. :smile: Trying to find one piiiink!
  11. Here's a pic showing all the sizes together:
  12. Thank you so much!!! I think I got the K one
  13. Definitely large!
  14. i say definitely the large. i saw a pink one but can't remember. oh...wait.. i think it was at NM in king of prussia PA. if i may recall, they were having a sale on certain styles and sizes. give them a call.
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