Medium or Large PS1?

  1. :p Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum.

    I want to get a PS1, but I want one that is similar size to the Balenciaga city. For those ladies who have both, which size is better? Medium or large?

    Also, will the leather get water spots very easily?

    TIA :heart:
  2. Hello,

    I was wondering what you finally decided to get? The medium or large? I had the same dilemma . I love my bal city and want the PS1 size that is comparable to it. After reading most of the threads, I finally decided to order the medium just today. The large just looks too big for my 5'5 small frame.

    Just curious what you decided.
  3. I just got the medium and I feel like it holds the same as my bal city! Its perfect.
  4. Same do I:p
  5. I have been debating the same question. I have decided to go for large because I want to use it for work and travel. I have a 13" MBA and it follows me almost everywhere. It will only fit in large.

    I ordered it from SSENSE based in Canada.
    It only charges $1695 for the large size. I thought they made a mistake because that's the price for medium in all other retailers. I called and was confirmed it is for large, but from an earlier season. I am still a bit unease about this. It seems to be too good to be true:sad: What do everyone on this forum think? thank you!
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    How funny! I was thinking about ordering the same large bag from Ssense as well and was skeptical about the price. I confirmed that Ssense is an authorized retail of PS. You can confirm by going to PS official website and go to view stocklist. I think you're probably ok. They will allow you to return it if you're not satisfied, right?

    I finally decided to order the medium from Farfetch yesterday and eagerly awaiting for it to arrives. But I'm still not sure if I should go with medium or large. I thought about ordering the large from Ssense as well; however, I'm not comfortable putting so much on my charge account in case something goes wrong and I can't return the bags.

    Hope that helps. Would you upload some pictures when you get it? Let me know your shopping experience with Ssense. After reading your reason for getting the large, I'm thinking of getting as well. I want something to take with me to Paris in October.
  7. Thanks for the info. about Ssense as an authorized retailer of PS. Elliespurse's response to my question in another thread also made me more sure about this purchase. I read Ssense's return policy; I am pretty sure I can return it if I don't like it (not sure about shipping though)-- I hope I won't need to worry about it.

    I love PS1 medium, it will probably fit my frame (5'3" 105lb) better. However, my pressing need is ONE handbag that can fit my MBA 13". I have been using a small handbag (like Fendi Silvana, LV Trivoli PM) while hand-holding my MAB in a leather envelope-- not practical. I am a writer and the MBA follows me almost everywhere. I do have a Crumpler messenger bag. But it feels silly to carry two bags. That said, I am a bit concerned PS 1 large may look too much like a briefcase:sad:

    Anyway, I am anxiously waiting. It should arrive late this week. I will certainly post photos and share my experience. Thanks again.

  8. Hi metula,

    Sorry I have not got a chance to follow up. Buying it from worked out well. I was very happy with the bag, the color and size etc. However, after just over 1 month of use, I am encountering some strange problems w/ this bag. I just posted one message to the thread "how has it aged?" w/ photo (you can search by my user name). I am considering contacting Ssense for exchange. I guess this will be a good test w/ this seller.
  9. Hello, I also bought the same large bag from Ssense for $1695 as well. It's only been about 3 weeks since I got my bag. I took it to paris and used it everyday on my trip for seven days. I carried my iPad, two iPhones, two wallets, a makeup bag and some snacks. I've been carrying it every day since I've been back as well. I would say that I've carried it for a total of 2 1/2 weeks. I haven't had any issues with my bag except for the metal ring that keeps the PS tag in place. I noticed the ring was opening up so I had to squeeze it together with some pliers, if not I would have lost the PS tag. Other than that no issues so far. I'll keep u posted if anything comes up. I'm a bit skeptical with this brand since so many have complained about the quality. You would think that QA would not be an issue with a $2,000 bag! Hope you get things squared away with your bag.