Medium or large fawn Zoe

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  1. I'm trying to decide today what size to get before they close today I'm just going to do a charge hold cause I don't know if the coupon will come back. I really wanted a brown leather or woven but they are out so I am going to go with fawn. But I don't know large or medium. I have 3 so far and they are all large. So I'm trying to decide help please!!!!
  2. I say Large, I love Zoe in large size more, JMHO
  3. If you already have large zoe's get the medium. I love the large zoe but I have to have a medium too.
  4. I say large, too. It's the best size I think and if you already have 3 in that size, it must work pretty well for you. I'd only get the medium if you're specifically needing a smaller bag.
  5. I like the large b/c the slouch is so much nicer with that size.
  6. in the patent - I love the large
  7. How about the XL Fawn in Patent? It has a external zipper in the front to hold more stuff.
  8. I have the large, the medium just seemed too small and the strap drop wasn't long enough.
  9. Both hold enough for my tastes, but I prefer the slouch on the large. The patent especially slouches so beautifully!
  10. I have that color in the large- thinks it's more of an eye-catcher in patent. If you were asking about another color or non-patent, I would say go for medium...
  11. ahhh I put it on hold and wanted to do a charge hold but hey were so busy and now they are closed and I wanted to use my 20% off coupon
  12. Bummer hun! Hopefully they have a 20% off coupon this coming up weekend!