Medium Or Large Carly - Which Do You Have And Why???


Which size Carly do you have and/or prefer?

  1. Large Carly

  2. Medium Carly

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  1. Hi, everyone. I am kinda new here. I just bought the chocolate bleecker flap and now I am seeing so many amazing pictures of this Carly bag that you all have! I tried the medium and the large on in my boutique, but I dont know which size to "ask for" as this will be a Christmas gift from my DH. PLEASE let me know which size you have and why you chose that specific size!! I NEED HELP!!!!! TIA, everyone!
  2. I say get the large one because it holds a lot more had has a beautiful slouch!!! If it ends up being too big you could always return it for the medium, and you would have some money left over:p
  3. I have the medium in khaki/tan signature, and it is the perfect size for me. I'm only 5" but I still like a larger bag; however, the large Carly to me is just unmanageable. Way too big, and too deep to actually get my hand in and find stuff!
  4. It really depends on how much stuff you put in your purse. I have a medium and I think it's a great size for what I want it to hold. I usually carry a wallet, an agenda, and a makeup bag, so the medium size is perfect for me.
  5. I have the medium, but if I were to do it again I would get the larger.
  6. I'm 5'3 but I love the large bag!!! I'd get a medium though but the large will be my go to
  7. I got the med. because the large was way to big, i wish they made a bag that was in between the large and med. size.
  8. I NEVER thought I would say this.....LARGE!!!!! I tried the medium SEVERAL times (I thought the large was too big for me) b/c I LOVE the shape of Carly, and it just didnt work for me...AT ALL! In fact I still own my chocolate brown medium Carly, but hardly use her b/c I dont like her drop or how she feels under my arm., especially now that we are in winter coats here in NY! My hubby bought me a Large Chocolate Signature Carly for the holidays and I took her out today for the first time and LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!!!!! Her drop is PERFECT on me (I'm 5"2") and that slouch....TDF! You dont have to fill her up either, even though she is fact, the less you put in, the more she slouches! And if you need to put more stuff in w/ the large you can! SOOOOOOOO.... I vote LARGE!!!!!!! :tup:
  9. Medium!! BUT I really think it's a personal preference and what works for YOU :yes: I am 5'10" but the large is still so huge to me even with the slouch, and I don't carry a lot of things.. the medium will sit up without slouching and falling over, she slouches perfect and drops great on me, not up too high, and she holds all of my things with room to spare.. she isn't heavy and I don't have to dig for my things. It really is what you want though and what you would be most comfortable carrying. HTH! ;)
  10. Medium because it's the perfect size for me.
  11. i am 5'3 and the medium is PERFECT for me! love it to bits!
  12. i have the large-but I am a bigger girl so it just looks better. I don't have enough stuff in it to fill it-i'm sure it will fill up in time though. But for now that it's not full it has a great slouch to it.
  13. I am sooooooooooooooo CONFUSED!!!!! I need someone to COACH me through this!!! I know ALOT of you own Carly's so I need to hear from MORE OF YOU!!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!???????
  14. LARGE!!! I have the large and she is purrrfect!!! It fits nicely on my shoulder as I run around shopping or pushing a stroller and I am wearing a peacoat and she fits even better! Can you tell I :heart: my CARLY hehehehehe!!
  15. I was looking at the pics of the medium and large Carly's on the forum that I could find, and the large looks like it fits REALLY nice on the shoulders of the people wearing them!!!! I still dont know! I am VERY indecisive and NEED DESPERATE HELP! Anyone else own a medium or large Carly?? PLEASE??