'Medium Marcie' Leather Hobo

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  1. #1 Jul 19, 2014
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2014
  2. Experts please help!
  3. I got one in red but it won't arrive until Monday, so I'm afraid I'm no help, but it looks awfully pretty!
  4. Should I keep it? It was $500 off.
  5. The question is do you really like the bag or it was a good deal you were after? it's definitely a great bag, I personally like Marcie hobos and I have one in my collection.
    But if you have doubts you may want to return it. It's only a good investment if you are "OMG I love love love this bag", not because it was a good deal.
  6. Keep it! It's a beautiful and very functional bag. I used to have one in Moka which I got when they were first released, I let her go a year ago and I now really regret it. I have a toddler and it just wasn't big enough for my needs, I am now eyeing off the large size but I'm only 5'2 and worried it will be too big for me. No retailers carry the hobo anymore near me so I can't try it.
  7. Omg, keep it! I tried to get this bag at the Nordstrom sale but it sold out before I could snatch it up. You are very lucky to have scored this great bag at an amazing price!!
  8. I love it.....just feeling a bit over the top having just gotten an LV Delightful. But, I love good things and would use a black bag a lot in winter and fall. I actually had the bag in my cart. Thought I bought it. Then I hadn't. Got put on a waiting list and then got it.....I've had my eve on the chloe bags for a while-I like the crossbody as well but I have several. So the hobo seems timeless. Do you all think this bag will always be fashionable? I feel like it would be.
  9. I personally think it's pretty timeless. It's gorgeous but also quite simple in design so there's not really anything to go out of fashion. And the leather and finish is just gorgeous.
  10. I purchased the cashmere gray during the Nordstrom sale. I also bought the matching wallet (not on sale). I have received many compliments . It's a fabulous bag!:biggrin:
  11. I loved the gray.....but I have a gray hobo Hayden and harnett so I thought black would be good. The gray is beautiful. Enjoy!
  12. Then it's definitely a keeper, it should be guilt free as it was such an amazing deal!
  13. I also made an impulse purchase when I saw this hobo on sale. I bought the nut color and am waiting for it to ship to me so I can't quite comment on how it is in person. I have always liked it the look and thought the sale was a good excuse. I would say, if it fills a hole for your wardrobe (like mine does) then get it. If you are getting it to save $500, then I have some good advice on how you can save $1400 ;)
  14. Totally....I need to put my stuff in it and try w/ a winter coat. Thx!
  15. This is so true!!!!
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