medium mabel

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  1. hi ya girls

    im looking at getting a medium mabel, i have been phoning round the outlets and they have a few.
    there is a black one but has the stamp 00 in it, what does that mean? for £270

    they also have a blue one that is a bit more expensive for £300

    are they good prices? which colour would you go for, although the black is a classic im drawn to the blue, do any of you have the blue? if so is it a wear able colour?:smile:
  2. The 00 is for outlet quality, so it hasn't completely reached the Mulberry standards.

    I don't know if they're good prices...Black is def a classic, I personally like the choc brown one as well.

    Good luck with choosing ;)
  3. ooo i hadnt though about choco???
    i always find myself drawn to the black everytime i go in to john lewis! its a gorgeous bag!
  4. I bought and returned the small mabel from the sale after Christmas. It was £237 down from £395. I don't know how much the bigger one was originally but the price of the black doesn't seem too bad. It would be worth asking if the SA can identify the 00 fault. It may be very small and not noticeable. I've seen other girls posting about 00 bags that seem perfect.
    I think the Mable is lovely. The black leather was gorgeous. If you want a bag that goes with everything (expect maybe very summery stuff) go black. The small one was just too small for me, but I haven't ruled out hunting down a medium in the future.
  5. thanks for your help lola73, ive just bought a small mabel and i love it, i think i will get the SA to identify the fault, that kind of puts me off! but if its nothing noticable then it might be a good deal!
  6. so i called back the SA black one has wonky stitching!? i think this would really bother me, so i think i might go for the blue.
    do you think this would be a wearable colour!?
  7. I would check what colour blue and the leather. I had a denim in antique leather and it started out the most beautiful colour of all my bags but faded to a nasty yellowish blue so I returned it. I know this happened to at least 2 other ladies.
  8. oh really thanks for that info bluecat_00, the SA described it as a light bright blue!
    i think a alexa purchase will stop me at the moment!
  9. Probably the ocean blue! The wonky stitching may not be very obvious at all though BMB! Alexa purchase hey :graucho:
  10. yes i know very naughty!!! oooopps! lol

    yes i think i was the ocean blue!! think i will have to see how i feel about the alexa!
  11. I think it's also ocean blue, they seem really popular at the outlets. It's a really bright colour, so it depends if you like bright or more subdued colours. I agree that the stitching might not be as bad as you think - I think someone from here bought a daria hobo that was meant to have wonky stitches but they couldn't even notice where they were. It's worth a try if you get a bargain!
  12. oh right thanks! x
  13. I think you would suit a purple Mabel thb, lol
  14. thats because you know purples my colour!!!
  15. :lol: If only we could all have purple Mabels like you Tiree :love: