Medium Mabel - Retro Query

  1. Hi all, and a bit of a retro question for a sunny Saturday.
    I'm thinking of buying a medium Mabel but, having never had one before, not sure if it's the right size. If you have one, could you let me know what you can fit in there and also if it fits comfortably over the shoulder?
    Pics would be great, too, if possible.
    Thanks so much!
  2. I’ve had a fair few medium Mabels in different leathers and colours and love them! Huge zipped centre pocket and two great suede lined side pockets - plus little zipped pockets!

    I can carry mine on my shoulder but prefer handheld.

    Pics to follow!
  3. Pics pls mayfly! :wave:
  4. Hi, and a Mabel is a good choice!

    Mayfly will be able to help, definitely! :smile:

    There are also a couple of Mabel club threads, which may help with sizing queries:-


    And if you search for Mabel or medium Mabel, there'll be plenty of references!

    Good luck with your purchase!