Medium Luxury Bowling Bag - a lost cause?

  1. Are these bags totally sold out? I'd like to get a metallic black one - I had one and returned it when they first came out and now I am kicking myself for returning it! :noggin:
  2. NO, it's not over!
    My NM had one last time I was there, you can at least call and if she doesn't have it anymore she can quickly find out if any other NM has one.
    Call Shannon at {877}634-6265, hopefully she's there today, tell her Amanda said 'Hi'!
  3. i don't think so...

    japskivit helped me find one from the Saks in boca.... it's on its way... (got it sent to SC to my bf so that i wouldn't have to pay tax...)

    Swanky, when i called your NM, they only had one left and it was on hold... maybe it's still there...

    also, they are sold out at the chanel boutiques so you may want to call NM or Saks or Bloomies.

    good luck! :smile:
  4. Thank you! I called the boutiques and they told me they are sold out and the only bags expected on reorder are bronze and a distressed black, but I really want the black metallic!

    Any other tips appreciated!
  5. did you call the one I posted about ^^^
  6. Try NM in Tampa. They had one in their Chanel boutique a week ago. Ask for Karen at 813-877-5700 ext 2123

  7. It was option 7'd out of the store!
  8. Thanks - only in bronze though!
  9. oops. sorry... i bought tt one.

    can u ask the SA to look for one for you? Alex from the NY Saks called around to find my bag... that's how i got mine... maybe a helpful SA will help you track one down?
  10. eBay may be your only bet at this time. I haven't seen any black metallic bowlers on eBay in a few weeks though.
  11. There is one on hold for a customer at a saks in FL - if she does not pick it up tomorrow or decides on the other bag she has on hold - its mine! But...I am not holding my breath! The only ones available appear to be bronze.

    Congrats on getting your bag though - I'm always a little late to the party!

  12. Good luck! You'll never know... one just might be hiding somewhere....:flowers:
  13. how much do they retail for in US dollars? :smile:

    for the medium metallic black that is
  14. ^$2160 or $2130, can't remember
  15. Medium one is $2160 before tax.:yes: