Medium Luxe Black Deerskin Bowler and Diamond Stitch Bags at Nordstrom!

  1. More from Denise! The boxy Diamond Stitch is large size for $1750. I'm not sure what she means by the brown hobo style in brown, but I think it is the grained calfskin flap (also part of the Diamond Stitch collection) for $1850.

    Hi Roberta,

    Your purse friends are in luck, I do have 1 more deerskin black bowler available. As for the boxy Diamond Stitch, I have Red and White. As for brown I have the hobo style. I'll put you down for the tote in Square Vintage in dark brown. Anything else I can help with just let me know.

    Denise can be reached at 206.628.1390. Happy shopping!!

    Edited to say please note that you are from the purse forum when you call!
  2. Hi Roey. I received my large black Diamond Stitch tote from Nordstroms today. I am really liking it!

    The hobo style is different from the calfskin flap. The calfskin flap resembles the traditional flap bags...the hobo is a hobo shoulder is interesting, but did not "fit" me very well when I tried it on at NM...

    Thanks for the Nordstrom reference and files! Turns out the Diamond Stitch line works better for me than the Grand Shopper...
    Black Chanel Diamond Stitch.jpg
  3. BTW...The info for the large Diamond Stitch tote is as follows...

    06A A32455Y04154

  4. Gorgeous bag SoCal! Is it very large? I've been looking for a good Chanel tote that will fit LOTS. Also, do you think it will hold up well for everyday use? I tried the Grande Shopping tote but it was too bulky for me.
  5. SoCal, that bag is DIVINE! We must see a photo of you modeling it. I'm drooling and going to be dreaming about it. Oh, no...
  6. Hi Edna. The Diamond Stitch tote works a bit better for me as a handbag. The Grande Shopping is awesome, but I actually prefer the one large middle compartment and soft bottom of the Diamond Stitch. The large Mademoiselle tote is the best work tote for me. It fits much more than either the Diamond Stitch or the Grand Shopping (larger files, student papers, etc.).
  7. Thanks Roey! I am quite happy with it! :flowers:
  8. SoCal - how many inside pockets are in the large Diamond Stitch tote?
  9. Two outside flap interior zipper pocket and one interior cell phone pocket...
  10. Omigod, I LOVE that Roey!!!

    Can you post on your shoulder and inside?

    I must be warped. . . that seems like a decent price! LOL!
  11. I wish it were mine Swanky, but it belongs to SoCal (fork it over SoCal, LOL!). I hooked her up with the Nordstrom adobe files of the fall collections and she picked it out - it's a beauty!!

    I agree - the price is a STEAL! I'm trying to find it in brown. I might forego the vintage ligne tote for this one.
  12. That's what I siad when I ordered it - It did seem like a decent price... that is sad that we think anything under 1800 is decent... if its 1000 or under.... its a bargain!!!
  13. If I'm not mistaken, I remember seeing that tote in brown at Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA yesterday. :yes: Here's the number, roey: 610-667-1550. Ask for Erica if you call and tell her Edna with the pink hair sent you. ;)
  14. socal,
    gorgeous bag!! Can we see a picture of you wearing it...Just want to get an idea of how it hangs.
    thanks so much for the info. I am going to call them tomorrow!
  15. Since they only have it in red or white (the red is gorgeous).. if you want a different color..... PM me!! I'll give you the information to get the black or brown large. I'm getting the brown large - it shipped yesterday!!