Medium Loulou or Large College?

  1. Anyone who can chime in whether I should choose a Loulou or College bag? The Loulou bag looks very luxurious but the college bag looks very hip too. Can anyone give some insights? Thanks!
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  2. Hi! I don’t have either yet but the college bag was definitely on my radar... But then I saw the Lou Lou for the first time a few weeks ago and this bag stopped me in my tracks! Yes, the college bag seems “younger” or “hipper”, but I’m definitely planning on getting the Lou Lou..small or medium. It seems like you’re getting more for your money. To me it’s a bit more formal but not stuffy and dated.
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  3. I like both bags too.
  4. I briefly considered the Loulou before I purchased the medium College bag. I liked that the College bag has the big pocket on the back.
  5. I think with the College unless you buy the large size, it’s only for side (longer strap) and cross body wear - isn’t this right? If that’s the case I think Loulou appeals more to me.