Medium Lily question??

  1. On the Coach website it shows that the Med Lily has 2 zippers on top. Do both zippers go to the same compartment within the bag or does it have 2 different compartments? I have only seen one of these from afar, so I don't know. I am considering getting one of these, but I like my bags to have 1 main compartment.
  2. On my Lily XL there were two compartments... not sure if its the same on medium's, but I would assume so...
  3. It actually has 2 seperate compartments, which I like better because I can keep things more organized.
  4. There are 2 compartments on the medium Lily. I have this bag in black, and love the fact that the compartments are seperate.
  5. Yes, as others have said two compartments. I keep personal stuff up front and work sh:censor:t in the back :smile:
  6. Thanks for the info - I will consider this, might be ok to have a compartmented bag. I am really considering saving for the med. Lily - I change my mind like the wind! LOL!
  7. The bag is great, the two compartments help with organization. Also if you are addicted to that lining..........there is lots of it.