Medium Lily Question

  1. i cant help but notice its startying to look warn the strap under the buckles are starting to curl up.
    How do i avoid that? I havent had it that long & love it..but i dont want my bag looking all warn out so soon...oh & its camel..(the one in my siggy)
  2. I meant to write worn out...wth was i thinking:push:..really i can spell.
  3. O really veronica? that makes me :crybaby: cuz i'm thinking about getting the camel lily... do you have any modeling pics at all? i just want to see the size of it when carried...
  4. I had taken some but never uploaded them..and im at work..sorry.
    But i loooove the bag.
    TO be honest its much more comfy than the XL a little eh on the comfort of the XL satchel in comparison to the med lily.
    Maybe because the leather is soft where as the XL is a bit harder...okay now im rambling....sorry
  5. I've had my black medium Lily since right before Christmas and haven't noticed it looking worn at all...I wonder if it's the color...
  6. The black seems sturdier.i saw a woman with black & the material seemed tougher.

  7. Hey veronica or anyone out there with a medium lily handbag... could you PLEASE PLEASE post pics up (modeling pics) of you and your medium lily... this will help my deciding factor!! :roflmfao:
  8. I haven't carried the Camel one yet, starting tomorrow, but I agree the Black leather feels different.

    What do you mean by "worn"?

    I saw what you said about the extra length of leather after the buckle, and that is slightly bent/curled on my XL.
  9. I would also like to see some modeling pics. I, too, am thinking of a medium Lily. I am only 5'2". I don't think this bag would be too big for me. I love the camel color a lot - but the black is really nice, too!