Medium Lily info...not sure if anyone else noticed this..

  1. For those of you that recently purchased the new medium Lily..This morning I had mine sitting on my desk at work and I was looking at it :love:, when I noticed that the 2 larger turnlocks had a plastic covering on them, so I just peeled them off, but I've been walking around for a week now with the plastic on them! no big deal, but I thought it was funny and wanted to share incase anyone else has not yet noticed. :p I don't recall my XL Lily having the plastic covering...
  2. I will check mine out in a bit.
  3. I noticed this to last night when I received mine!
  4. k mine doesn't but I just realized I took it off when I did the pictures before.
  5. Isn't this just the most adorable bag? I absolutely love it!!!
  6. Yes, I am in love with this bag too! It's so much more manageable than XL Lily! It's the perfect size!! I just wish it would come out in whiskey, but I'm very happy with the black!