Medium Lily decisions


What color medium lily should I get?

  1. Black

  2. Camel

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So I want to get one because of all the enablers here ;) but I can't decide on camel or black!

    I like the camel because it is a neutral color, great for spring, summer and fall but I'm afraid it will get dirty.

    I like the black because the hardware seems to pop more and I don't have to worry as much about the color. But, I have a legacy '06 satchel in black so they seem similiar.

    What do you guys think I should do?
  2. I voted camel. You already have a black bag so camel would give you some variety, PLUS it will be a great color for Spring/Summer like you already pointed out. If you're worried about dirt/stains, I read somewhere that the Apple Conditioner is GREAT. I'd go for the Camel!!!:tup:
  3. I voted Camel also, but if you are impatient then you would need to see if Camel is still on backorder.
  4. I say black because of the dirt factor.
  5. Ya I voted black because I get things dirty really quickly.
  6. I had the same exact dilema's that you had! I really liked the camel, and since I already also own the '06 legacy leather satchel in black, I thought they'd be too similiar. I got put on the wait list for the camel, but I couldn't wait so decided to get the black instead. I'm glad I did! I love the gold hardware with the black leather, and after purchase the Leigh in camel and seeing how light the color was (and returning it because of that) I really think black was my best choice!
  7. I have the med. Lily in camel she came this last wed well I love her great neutral color but very light in color and will be hard to keep clean I am getting
    some apple cleaner . But if I had to do it again I would get the black I love the style very much and am looking forward to seeing other colors in this handbag!
  8. I would go with black, because I think you can never have too many great black bags, just like you cannot have too many fabulous black dresses!
  9. I voted for Camel. Given the cost of this bag, you'll probably take care of not getting it dirty.

    But just get one of them and you'll be happy with your decision!:tup:
  10. Nope - I just called yesterday and they have over 500 in stock of the camel color :tup:

    I voted camel also. Unless you're so afraid of getting it dirty...then get black. I barely use my white legacy leather tote b/c I'm terrified of brushing up against a parked car and getting it dirty!! It's almost not even worth keeping if I'm not comfortable USING it!!
  11. I have the large black one....LOVE IT>
  12. I love black leather and the gold hardware pops against the black! Get the black!
  13. BLACK! The brass really pops on that bag and you can use it forever without much sign of wear!!
  14. I would definitely go for the camel especially because you have the satchel in black already. I think that the camel is a great color with the hardware and it is also a great color for spring/summer
  15. Voted for the black :yes: