Medium - Like Ghost Stories?

  1. I really like this series... it's one of the first series that start the whole "i see dead people" shows... :yahoo:

    tonight is the season premiere and i can't wait to see how everything pieces together...
  2. i was just thinking about starting a thread about this after watching tonight's episode. I love this show...:yes:
  3. did you know that ghost - clay - is allison's (patricia) real life husband?
    little fun fact...
  4. OH MY LORD that stuff scares the C:censor:P out of me. I am such a whimp when it come to ghosts :s
  5. My fav show ever.... Anyone else like it....
  6. I love Medium!!! I love Patricia Arquette's character and how she interacts with her husband and kids. I like how the husband is so laid back about everything but he always supports his wife. The middle daughter is also hilarious (even though it's not a comedy).

    NBC only showed a few episodes so far for this season but hopefully, now that the writer's strike is over, maybe Medium will have a few more episodes to air!
  7. The middle daughter is so damn funny.. I Love her.... She looks weird, but is so cute..LOL
  8. ^ OMG, I know!! I love her. My dh and I always laugh at how cute she talks.. Alll chubby and cute.. Awww. I love Medium~! just love it. I'm totally up to date with the show now.
  9. I love this show! Dh and I always watch it when it comes on. I thougth new episodes were comming back tonight but I saw an NBC promo for tonight and they didn't mention Medium. Anyone know when its comming back?
  10. love this show! i'm so glad it's back! darned strike ;)
  11. woohoo. Medium is back tonight. :smile:
  12. I am so glad is back. For a moment I thought they were not going to have another season!!!
  13. I really enjoy this show too!
    I think it's funny that it took about 3 seasons for Joe (the husband) to finally stop saying, " It's just a dream, honey go back to bed...":roflmfao:
  14. ^^^ lol
  15. And I'm in love with Jake Weber since watching the show.

    He's do darn funny, witty and patient in the character :biggrin: