Medium/ Large Flap to be worn across?

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  1. Hey ladies, I think I have to ask for your advice.

    I`m a guy but I simply love the medium/large flap and I would so like to get one (preferably the A01112 in any shade of brown and with golden HW)

    Since I can`t wear it on the shoulder as everybody else, since that would look too feminine, I was wondering if you can wear the flap across the body.

    I know that it works with the Jumbo, but that one is simply too huge and bulky when worn across!

    Can anybody tell me if it works or do you maybe have a pic of you wearing your m/l flap across? And does the chain maybe come in different lengths?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Yes u can wear it across.. u just need to pull the chain (using only one chain) to make it longer!!

    Please post pictures if you decide to go for it! goodluck :smile:
  3. Thanks a lot Hermès Junkie!

    I`ll definitely post pics, when I finally get to track down a precious brown flap!
  4. I think the medium and jumbo look good messenger style. Some of the smaller bags' chains are too short and end up higher than hip height. A bit odd.
  5. It totally works -- I think it also works with the east-west chain, although like beaumonde said, the chain might be too short. The chain is all one length, but you can adjust it so you carry it as a shoulder bag, or a handheld purse, and as a over-the-shoulder bag.
  6. It depends on your build too.. if you're an avg sized guy, the med flap worn across the body maybe too tight and impractical.. IMO. If you are getting the caviar, it is very rigid. I'd prefer cross-over bags with a more supple material. Even the lambskin can be a little rigid.
  7. you`re completely right, absolutanne, the caviar ones are really rigid, so i was planning on getting a lambskin and wear it to the front, not on my back.

    i`m quite slim and not too tall (1.75 m, i`m sorry, don`t know that in ") so it should probably work, bc i wouldn`t mind if it hung a little higher than hip height.

    as i said, the large ones were just ridiculously looking worn messnger-style, but i`m going to try the medium flap.
  8. the medium flap is so adorable and in lambskin it will look stunning on you.
    Keep us posted.
  9. c_24, another bag I'd recommend that would look more masculine is the diamond shine flap. The hardware is a precious metal alloy, ruthenium hardware. I think it looks much more masculine and fitting for a guy than say, gold hardware... it is in patent caviar, if you like patent this may be a good choice.

    It's less rigid than the caviar. I have one and absolutely love it. Here's a pic of hlfinn's Diamondshine. It's a single flap so it's roomier than the med/lg flap and I wear it as a single strap all the time.... :smile:

    I love the turnlock closure and the subtle shine of the diamondshine (not as shiny as patent leather or vinyl that's for sure) it's $1475 - one of the most relatively underpriced and unknown chanel flaps there are!

    Also, it is no bigger than the med/lg flap, it's just graciously roomier because there is no darned second flap like in my med/lg beige caviar :smile:
  10. wow, absolutanne, i`m so grateful for your tips! they have brought s/thing to my eye which i haven`t even considered yet.

    i`ll just look what we get here on the european (and the very tiny austrian) market in the chanel boutiques and will try on the diamond flap for sure!
  11. ^^ No problem. I'm so obsessed it's ridiculous!! At least I can do some good with it... hehe
    Good luck on trying it! Writing the post made me pull mine out and wear it now.. hehe. the bag is from F/W 2006.
  12. C_24, have you considered the Outdoor Ligne Classic Flap? The leather is distressed and very supple, unlike the rigidness of caviar or lambskin. Since it is distressed, it looks very young, hip and a little masculine!

    I wear mine cross-body all the time, and it looks so much cuter and younger than the classics, IMO.

    I'm attaching a picture of kouki's brown flap, since mine is black.

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  13. absolutane,

    I like your diamond flap. Do you think I can still get it now?


  14. C_24,

    If you want something to be worn across the shoulder, I will recommend e/w flap with new chain.....The new chain is really trendy and rock, so it won't be too feminne at all and it's longer than that of the classic chain....go and get a try...


  15. I agree with the outdoor flap suggestion. That bag is much more masculine.
    The E/W would be too short. I have 1 and am petite it doesn't go across the body nicely let alone for a guy who's 1.75m, i'm 1.5m

    ppsam, where are you located? i got mine from Damien aka DJO. PM him and ask if he has any if not, he'd be willing to put it on locator for you..