Medium & Large Denim Carly!!! Try not to laugh at me...

  1. Okay, now I've really done it! I went to the mall with the intension of returning my Large Denim Carly (and to scope out Macys & Dillards). Well, I just could NOT take Carly back just yet, so she stayed home. Went to Macys. The lady said they WILL be getting the new Cotton Sig stuff in sometime BEFORE Mother's Day, but doesn't know when - so no guarantee it'll be here before the F&F next week. Headed down to Dillards where I met the NICEST SA!!!! Tried on the Medium Denim Carly. She said they only got 6 in! Brought her home with me (Carly...not the SA:p)- to decide between the two!:nuts: Also, the SA saw my Legacy and asked if I had the mini to match. I said, "WHAT!". She pulled one out of the drawer!!! HAD to get that, too!:yahoo:SOOOOOO CUTE!! are pics of me with Large & Medium Carly...they BOTH fit everything I need, although the large would be (like some of you said) a great "Mom" bag (although my DD is 4 1/2 now). But....medium fits a TON. I like the way the large slouches more, but maybe the medium will, too...over time??? But, the large is really LARGE! The price diff is about $64. Sooooo what to do?!?!?! Which one to YA'LL think looks best on me? (excuse the camo's a bit distracting, huh!):p
    Here's another funny...was at the gym this morning and saw this lady walk by carrying what else but the LARGE DENIM CARLY! Was it a SIGN?!!? :wlae:
    med&lgcarly.jpg medcarly.jpg lgcarly.jpg medcarlyside.jpg lgcarlyside.jpg
  2. I prefer the medium. the large looks "too big" ..
  3. i'm not much help here, but god i love that bag. i really wish i could make myself spend the money on it! :smile:
  4. I agree. I like the medium. Gorgeous bag! Congrats! :yahoo:
  5. I like your camo top!

    I think the medium looks better on you. I love the large, but your skinny, the medium looks just right.
  6. Ooooh, like them both!:yes: The large looks a bit "slouchier"- I like that look personally right now. Is the large much heavier? Hard choice, both look great!
  7. Wow, it's hard to choose! I think they both look great, but you're so little that the large Carly might overwhelm you a bit. Plus, if you keep the medium, you could spend the difference on an accessory!
  8. I like the way you think and I totally agree! :graucho:
  9. I think you should keep the medium, you're so petite that the large is just a little too big. The medium looks FABULOUS. Take the extra money and buy a scarf or a charm for that puppy! :woohoo:
  10. Ditto! I kinda already did that...with my Legacy Blk/Kh/Eb Mini Skinny to match my shoulder bag!!! :yahoo:Although....I'd LOVE to get a Denim Carly accessory, too!!!! Which one?!?!? :p

    I am thinking the MEDIUM is the best for me, too. I LOVE the large but it is just too much bag for me! The medium is "Just Right"...holds a TON, but doesn't look like it.
    Anyone with a Medium Carly....will it slouch more over time?
    The weight difference is really not that noticeable between the Large & Medium. I think it's hardware weight if anything. And...I can still slip the medium on with one hand.
    Here's a question - since I bought the Medium Carly from Dillards, would I take it to DILLARDS if there's a problem with the bag (like defect or something) or to Coach? - just not sure how this cotton fabric will hold up - want to have my bases covered.

  11. Oooo, no, you take it to Coach and they'll fix it up! But hopefully you won't have any problems with that GORGEOUS bag, enjoy!!!!
  12. Thanks! Just wondering.:smile:
    The bag is SOOOOO SOFT!!!! Super comfy! I think I'm gonna love it! :heart::heart:
  13. My thoughts exactly!! :yahoo:
  14. I agree with the masses, they both look great but the medium just seems to "fit" you better. :smile:
  15. I vote medium too, if you are not planning on using it as a diaper/tote bag I would not keep the large.

    You are tiny...I so need a diet after my bday cake next week lol