Medium Lambskin flap vs Jumbo- PICS!

  1. Okay, I decided to return my lambskin jumbo classic flap in favor of the medium. The jumbo has a lot more va voom, but I think I would be better served with the smaller flap. Anyway, here's pics of them both to compare for size. There's a big difference ....

  2. oh wow! there IS a big difference!

    but both of them look fabulous on you! I'm glad you got the on you like more. btw, love your jeans!

    thanks for the pics!
  3. :shocked: You returned the jumbo? The medium flap looks gorgeous on you as well. Both look absolutely stunning on you, so you can't go wrong. I love them both in the lambskin!! Hmm, now you've got me confused. I was going to get the jumbo, but the medium looks amazing as well. :rolleyes: Congrats!
  4. Yes, seems like they need a size in the middle! :idea:
  5. Yes, I did:shame: .....I love the jumbo but it wasn't a good day bag for work. I need something a little more durable so I got the next size down. I plan to use it for evenings out and occassional days. There was only about $100.00 difference in price but A LOT less purse. :confused1:
  6. They're both great bags and they both look fab on you. I'm glad you found something that you love.

  7. I know, A LOT less purse! I love both on you!
  8. Although they both look great, I do like the medium better on you. Good choice!!
  9. i love them both.. glad you got the one you liked...
    i loved the jumbo flap on you ... ME PERSONALLY think that one looked as good if not better.. I am biased though.. I love BIG BIG BIG
    does the medium have the muted hardware also.. I can not tell from the pics and glass not on nor contacts in lol
  10. Thank you!! I like it better too.
  11. Yes, it's the exact same bag- just different sizes. I like the jumbo as well, but I'm too clumsy to use that one for day. :shame:
  12. i like both of them on you, maybe the medium suits you more.
  13. I would have just kept both...
  14. Two beautiful bags! You can't go wrong with a classic, no matter what size. You look great!
  15. The medium looks perfect on you! Beautiful! I loooove it!:heart: