Medium Lady Dior - What Fits?

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  1. Hi everyone! For my next bag, I am thinking about purchasing a medium LD in gray with shw (I am between this and the Hermes Evelyne PM -- very different styles, I know). A major point of consideration for me when I purchase any bag is how much fits. I do not travel light! Any bag I buy must be able to fight the standard items: my iPhone 6, keys, wallet, a mini hair brush, hand sanitizer, and a lip gloss/stick. I also almost never go anywhere without a water bottle (usually a 16 oz Poland Spring or the like), so it is imperative that my bag can fit all of this comfortably. From what I understand, it is a bit tough to get things in and out of a LD. I am also a little concerned that the bag would bulge with all this in it because it is so structured. Can someone assuage my fears and let me know if the medium LD is capable of handling all this heavy cargo? :P Thanks so much!
  2. A medium LD should fit everything you listed, depending on the size of your wallet. I will add I'm not sure I'd carry a 16 ounce water bottle ( or any water bottle in my LD). I use a small wallet when carrying this bag. Mine easily holds a LV zippy coin purse as my wallet, LV Cles I use for additional cards/ store rewards cards and have my car key fob attached, mini Pochette for cosmetics, sunglasses in soft case iPhone 6, tissues, mints with additional room. I adore the medium LD. I do not find it difficult to get I and out of, especially since I use a smaller wallet.
  3. It sounds like everything will fit except the bottle of water. I can't see how you would get it in and out of the bag. It's hard to get anything in or out easily even if the bag is Lambskin. I carry a small wallet or card case when I used the LD for this reason.
  4. +1
  5. I have to say that my Lady Dior long wallet *just* fits into the Medium LD I have and then I can only fit an iPhone, keys and sunglasses case.

    (Maybe it's to prompt you to buy the large )

    I would personally never carry any food or drink in a Lambskin (or premium) handbag. I'm not sure a 16oz bottle would fit- I think it might poke out the top...
  6. Thanks so much for the feedback everyone! I do use a long wallet since I tend to carry everything but the kitchen sink in there, but I suppose I could switch to a smaller wallet on the days I carry the LD. Are there any other issues you have noticed while using the bag that you think I should consider?
  7. The Lady Dior will serve your needs well, but have you considered the Diorissimo? I don't mean to throw another bag onto your list, but the Diorissimo is made of a thick pliable taurillon which can flex right back into it's original shape, thus keeping the shape of the bag over time. It has an easy-to-access top and also a detachable pouch to secure certain items in your bag. It essentially has the style of the Lady Dior minus the Cannage quilting, but is very durable and user-friendly.
  8. Thank you so much for chiming in with this suggestion; I really appreciate it! I have considered the Diorissimo, and actually fell quite in love with it the first time I saw one in person about a year or so ago -- both functional AND beautiful! Lately I have been leaning toward the LD because I feel at this point it would be a better addition to help diversify my bag collection. I have a couple of tote-like bags with smooth leather, and really wanted to obtain a quilted one. I also love that the medium LD comes with a shoulder strap, because I really like having the option of going hands-free if need be. Am I correct in thinking that the Diorissimo only has the top handles?
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  9. The Diorissimo comes with a detachable strap as well.

    It would be nice to have a quilted bag in your collection is everything else is a tote. The Lady Dior will meet your needs beautifully. Dior Diorissimo Gris Dior smooth calfskin Rose Dragee M0902PVPU_M00G_V2_Z.jpg
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  10. Oh wow that bicolor is to die for! This will absolutely have to be a future acquisition....

    Thanks so much for your help!
  11. You're welcome! Just in case you want the information, the colour of the Diorissimo is Gris Dior with Rose Dragee interior.
  12. I love my medium LD. However, I do find it a bit tricky to get into. Mine is in python and very structured so maybe it is easier with other types of leather. I feel I scratch my hand on the zipper. Because of this and because of the leather I don't use mine so much.

    I often use my soft Dior bag but those might not be available anymore?
  13. I have a medium lady dior and I usually carry an ipad mini, handphone, small wallet, some cosmetics, powerbank and a camera. I have tried fitting a small water bottle into the lady dior (350ml) out of curiosity and it fits :biggrin: But the lady dior is such a gorgeous evening bag, I'd sacrifice quenching my thirst! I have a habit of bringing a (500-750ml) water bottle with me too as I drink a lot. Smaller bags are great for your shoulders though!
  14. Thank you, ladies! I will most likely be getting the lambskin, so hopefully that is a bit less stiff than the python or other materials, like patent. And a smaller water bottle is a great idea!
  15. Do you know if the LD interior is in leather? Thanks