medium/jumbo RED classic flap questions

  1. hi all, I am on a mission to find my next bag!!! (I know its too soon, but the search takes a long time girls..). I want a red classic flap with the new chain. I know its another close-to-impossible bag to get so I will need help. First I want to ask some questions:
    1. how many reds are made? I know the 05 is brighter than the 07, is the difference noticable? is there any other reds?
    2. I like the jumbo size but found the chain to be too long and the bag drop too much on the side of my body. Is there any way I can shorten it, like a trick or something? because I prefer the jumbo size as I have a med in white.
    3. Where can I find these babiess??
  2. Hi! :smile: Let me try to answer your questions to the best of my ability :p:

    1. I know of two shades of red in the classic flaps... the stunning brighter '05 red, and the deeper, true lipstick shade of red for s/s '07. I do think that there discernable color difference... the '05 red has long been my HG (holy grail) red Chanel bag, and I recently found an e/w!! :yahoo: Ohh, and there is also a red orange shade that came out in the perfo line for this season, which I don't have a picture of, bit you might be able to find one in the Reference Library! I also have the red caviar jumbo from '07... here is my recently posted thread with pictures depicting the color difference between the two shades of red:

    2. I completely understand what you mean about the bag drop... as you see in my one picture where I've doubled up on my bags haha, the jumbo drops to my hip when I leave it as is (no need to call more attention to that area haha). :p When I carry my jumbo, I like to tie the chains inside with a ribbon, so the straps shorten and the bag hits my body in a more flattering place. :smile: I've also done this with my jumbo with the "old" chain, but the new bijoux straps are even longer, so if I don't tie them, it's much longer of a drop than on my regular jumbo.

    3. I purchased my red jumbo from the Chanel boutique, but NM also had it. I would try calling NM (I can recommend a really nice SA I work with - if you're interested, just PM me), and he, or whomever you work with, can do a search for you to locate the flap. :yes: If you decide you want one, I really hope you're able to locate one... good luck! :tup:

  3. wow.. thanks so much for the very helpful reply! And the tie trick is fabulous as well.. hmm I wonder if anybody else have this problem.. it might be a common one then. Do you know if the new chain is readily available? I just like the combination of the 05 red with the new chain.. may I also ask whats the retail if anyone know? (I am not keeping up with the new price increases)
  4. 05 red..!!!
  5. Hi there. :smile: The '07 Jumbo with the new Chain retailed for $2250. I've heard of other pfers doing the same (tying the chains inside) to shorten the straps, because some people (me included haha) just don't prefer where it naturally hits. Of course, if I'm lazy, then it's fine haha... I let it be. :p Ohh and stupid me, I replied back late last night and forgot to add that there is another red I know of... a deeper red almost like the '07 red but with a bit more "blue" in it, which came out for Fall '06. :smile: I've only seen that in stores in a lambskin e/w... and recently too! :confused1: Haha, my sentiments about the '05 red exactly... and what's great about the e/w size is that there is an adjusting mechanism on the right side strap of every e/w bag... so you can adjust it to whatever length you want to, no ties, ribbons, or whatever needed. :smile:
  6. wow.. thats good to know about the E/W. I have always look over the E/W because I do need a bigger bag that the E/W size. I just noticed that it only has one chain instead of two and can be adjusted for length! I carry a big zip wallet which fits averything so if i buy the E/W, I think it will only fit my wallet and nothing else.
    In me quest for the red, I just found out that nordstorm never carries any red, so thats one down. Will keep calling on monday and let you know!! Time is not an issue for me here..=) although I may be tempted to get the metallic black or the dark silver reissue first before the red jumbo... (on the list for both)
  7. Wrong. They carried red bags, which flew off the shelves very quickly.
  8. I bought my bordeaux reissue from Nordstrom Seattle... so that's also a red color..
  9. hmm.. maybe that particular one didnt.. =) will try other Nordies.. I actually saw the classic tote in the 07 red and did not love the color.. so unless I find the jumbo in the 05 color.. which I know is almost impossible.. I'll just wait till Chanel comes out with another bright red.. Do you guys know when that will be?
  10. I too have fallen in love with the red jumbo - but I came across a red Madison that I think will cure my red fever for now and hopefully in time the bright red jumbo will come back out....good luck on your hunt...:tup: