Medium Jockey Hobo with Chocolate Leather


Feb 3, 2006
Hi Ladies,

I took Weds off as it was my Birthday and went shopping. On my list to was look at Gucci's b/c I wanted one and recently returned the Pelham Hobo as it was the right colors, just not working for me. I saw the Large Jockey Hobo with chocolate trim online and while I liked it, thought it would be too big in person. Then I was contemplating ordering a Large Sukey tote with Chocolate trim from, but again wanted a longer handle.

So, on my shopping trip I went to the Gucci store and was able to see the large Sukey, the large Jockey and also the medium Jockey w/beige trim and determined that the medium Jockey was perfect, but really wanted it in the chocolate trim. So off I went to Neimen's and low and behold there was the medium jockey GG fabric with the chocolate trim...hand her over! Beautiful and perfect size!

Happy B-day to me!:tup: