Medium Horsebit Chain Hobo?

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  1. Hey all, I'm thinking about purchasing a Gucci monogram hobo that can carry lots of stuff. I think the Medium Horsebit Chain hobo is a good choice.. Does anyone know if it's going to be included in the upcoming sale or pre-sale?? If not, I guess I'm deciding between the Biba hobo and this one! TIA! :heart::smile:
  2. It won't be on sale for a while. since the style is so HOT.
  3. go for the hobo! me and peachy_gurl both have looks WAYYYYY better IRL and on than on the shelf for sure! at first I didnt like it but once the SA put it on me, I fell in loveeeeeeeeeee -- I paid retail!! :smile: You may be able to get it at the presale though
  4. Oops, one more comes in brown or white trim with the mono, or brown guccissima leather
  5. I love both but I have the large horsebit hobo and love it! However the biba is a beauty with all the studs along the bottom!
  6. I say get the Biba now while it is on sale and then get the horsebit hobo later since it is not on sale

  7. The medium one ALWAYS goes on sale. The leather, not the canvas. Last year the navy, red, and cognac went on sale. Maybe it was just the winter sale, but I would keep an eye out nonetheless.
  8. ^I think they were looking for monogram canvas which doesn't go on sale, but yes, the leather ones do go on sale and usually as part of the winter sale.
  9. Do the guccissima medium horsebit chain hobo usually go on sale too?
  10. I love the biba and would hate to miss out on it.
  11. hey everyone, thanks for all ur replies!! i saw the horsebit chain hobo today in the store and i loveee itt (i do hope that the leather will soften up and the bag will get more "slouchy" though :rolleyes:). and i agree, the biba looks like a wonderful bag (did'nt see that one today) but i love the horsebit chain detail, and i don't think the biba has it.. if the medium horsebit chain hobo isn't on sale, then there's no rush to get it right?

    P.S. i also love the large WAVE hobo in any of u know if that's going to be on sale as well?? Thanks :heart: