Medium Green Salsa - you will love this

  1. This recipe is from a Mexican American friend of mine and it's delicious.

    Medium Green Salsa

    1 lb. roma tomatoes
    1 lb. pablano peppers
    1 small anaheim pepper
    1 small jalapeno
    Organic Lemon juice
    Filtered water
    Fresh Cilantro (approx. three small handfuls)
    Sea salt

    FIRST OF ALL: You will need rubber gloves to make this salsa, you can get the disposables at any drugstore in either the latex version or non latex version.

    Wearing the gloves, slice the ends off the peppers and remove the stems and seeds. (Be careful not to touch your skin or eyes- it will BURN). Butterfly the peppers and lay them inner side down in a roasting pan.

    Slice the tomatoes in half and lay them inner side down in a separate roasting pan. (You can do each batch seperately as well.)

    Roast each pan of peppers and tomatoes at 500 degrees for 20-30 minutes until they are very black in color. Remove roasting pans from the oven and allow to completely cool. When cooled, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 2-3 hours or preferably overnight.

    Remove from the refrigerator and puree the tomatoes and peppers in a food processor in batches until smooth, adding water and lemon juice to thin the mixture to salsa-like consistency. Add cilantro and sea salt to taste (puree to blend).

    What I do is I puree batches and pour them into a large mixing bowl, adding the water, salt, cilantro and lemon juice as I go along. The main thing is to TASTE the salsa as you go to determine if it needs more salt or lemon juice.

    This salsa needs to be refrigerated and really should not be kept in the fridge longer than about three days. If you make it for a party it won't last that long because it's really good. I serve it with the mini round tortilla chips.
  2. oh gosh, this sounds like a wonderful recipe for a salsa.. except too much work.. hehe.... but it seems easy to make though..
  3. why do we have to refrigerate the peppers, after they've roasted?
  4. I have no idea- that's just the way my friend told me to do it and the end result is DELICIOUS! :yahoo: