Medium Glazed Lambskin in Burnt Orange Available

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  1. Interested? :yahoo: Email me for stores and SA info.

  2. Gosh, that is so tempting, but I can't. I'd rather have the jumbo anyway. good luck. I'm sure it won't last long!
  3. Oh, come on gator, you know you want it!! I am sure my SAs have it in the jumbo size! :graucho:

  4. anyone know the price in jumbo size?

  5. It's $2650
  6. can someone post a pic of this please? is it in the new chain or the old chain?

  7. Hi aschmeing!!! I haven't seen you posted here for a while now. Hope all is well!!! ;)

    Here are a couple of links showing the Orange Glazed Lambskin Jumbo Flap:

    It's a pretty color!!! :love: I prefer this over the Mango Glazed Lambskin Flap.
  8. my gosh...I cant see the pictures...why is that.... :sad:

  9. Have you clicked on any of the links?
  10. yes i have and nothing would come there something wrong with my computer???
  11. Ok, let me come to the rescue....!

    Lovely isn't it? Mine should be arriving the coming Monday from France!! :drool:

    Attached Files:

  12. thanks Miffy for the rescue but it still wont come out...hmmm.... if it is not much of a hassle my email ad is :smile:
  13. Ok....just sent the pic to your email. :upsidedown:

  14. Thanks a bunch!!!
  15. Oh, I want to see pics when you get the bag!! The jumbo in the US is sold out at Chanel boutiques. I didn't try any dept. stores. I don't know if NM, Nordies, or SAks ordered this in jumbo or not. Love this color!