Medium Front Pocket Paddington - :(

  1. Does anyone else own this bag and find it incredibly floppy unless you stuff it to the brim to "prop it up"? :sad: Mine doesn't look very good when I only put my basics in it (phone, wallet, keys etc) because it's so damn roomy! So I resort to stuffing a scarf inside, which only adds to the weight of course...

    Any suggestions? Sympathetic agreement? haha :shame:
  2. I personally like the floppy look - that's why I like Paddies in all styles!
  3. I completely agree!
  4. I like the floppy look too, but if you don't, try lining the bottom of the bag with some tea towels before you put your stuff in.
  5. exactly... i like the way it flops!! i wouldn't like it propped up at all (that's my preference though :p)
  6. I love, love, love the floppy style. The med pocket paddy is my favorite bag!
  7. i luv how my paddy flops too!!
  8. My pocket paddy is hanging off my door until I use it, but I also like the way it looks all floppy and smooshy.
    It is in no way a structured bag IMO..
  9. I love the floppy look in the smaller bags, but in the large bags I prefer a little more structure....just my opinion.
  10. I like the floppy look too, wouldn't like it all stuffed up.
  11. Ditto to liking the floppy look, to me it shows off the texture/quality of the leather which is one of the things I like best about the line, but overall I tend to like a less-structured bag. And since it's a big bag I can see that it might get REALLY heavy once you start filling it. I would just play around with it and see if it doesn't grow on you a little . . .
  12. I was thinking about getting this bag. I love the way it looks in the pictures - have not seen one IRL. It is a little bigger than the bag that I regularly carry so I wasn't sure. And I personally like the fact that it is floppy. Is it really heavy though? Also, how much bigger is it than the regular medium paddy?
  13. ^^^Yes it's heavy for a lightweight. So if you're not used weight, you may not like the paddy. Some love it so much they will forget about the weight though. I know i do...but I"m a heavyweight.
  14. The thing that annoys me is how it sags at the top where the zips are... so it sorta goes all "concave" there and up again at the back and front where the handles are attached. Hope that makes sense!

    Here are pics of it when I first got it:

    Yahoo! Photos - Paddington 001

    It's a beautiful bag but it exasperates me!
  15. i have the opposite problem, my paddy is from 06, and i feel it's not floppy enough :p