Medium Florentine Satchel in Mushroom

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  1. I'm so intrigued by this color! Has anyone see it in person? To me, on the website it looks like brand new fresh "unpatina'd " ( virgin? ) Vachetta leather. Can anyone confirm this? I'll post a screenshot, but it's also on as well, and is available for pre-order.
    This color is haunting me!
    If the color is the same as brand new Vachetta-gaw-it would be my dream bag. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467227599.265891.jpg
  2. That photo does look like a gorgeous color. There was a mushroom color in the florentine a couple of years ago but it was more true mushroom-taupe-ish if I recall correctly. Not sure if they have changed the mushroom color or if that photo is just off.

    ETA--here's a pic I found on Google... [​IMG]
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  3. That color is such a gorgeous neutral! I've been looking at it again &
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  4. Thank you for posting that, Mia. I tried to search on eBay, and all I got were new bags from ilovedooney...haha.
    I wondered about the color since mushroom sounds like it would be a taupe/light brown, like the picture you posted. I guess picture on the website is not an accurate representation. I guess I could call their customer service and ask. I don't know why I didn't think of that before now. Duh me.
  5. I think a couple people here were disappointed it didn't have the pinkish cast most pics from dooney showed.
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  6. You are quite welcome. I will say that I don't remember ever seeing the mushroom in person, so I really don't know other than photos. I was hoping someone who actually owned the color would chime in!! Good luck, and if it turns out to be vachetta color there will be a run on them, haha. :biggrin:
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  7. Thanks everyone. And ps.. I just discovered the like feature!!