Medium flap or pearl crush

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Medium flap or pearl crush?

  1. Medium flap

    22 vote(s)
  2. Pearl crush mini

    9 vote(s)
  1. Why do I do this to myself!! I can only have one since they're so close in color.

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  2. I would normally suggest bright colors in small doses, but I'm not a fan of flattened puffs (for lack of a better description), so my vote goes to the medium. Ps. Love your style, Nashpoo!
  3. I like flaps but for pink I might vote for the pearl! It’s just cute when it’s small
  4. I’m not sure how often the pearl crush will come back, so I’d go with that one unless your heart is telling you that 20S pink is YOUR pink. Maybe others have more intel that it will be back often(?), in which case this advice isn’t as relevant.

    Otherwise I’d just wait for a future season for the medium flap, at which point you could sell the pearl crush if you think you’d rather have the flap.

  5. Welp!!! I'm so torn :sad: bahah. If only I could keep both.. I listed the bag yesterday to see if someobe would bite.. They ended up buying it! Don't know if that's a sign that I should go for the classic
  6. Do you have other bags in your collection that are similar in size to either? That would be my determining factor... I would buy the one that fills a hole in my bag wardrobe.
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  7. I have two mediums and one mini! I'm just not sure if thr mini looks good on me haha
  8. Than I’d get the medium! :smile:
  9. Medium flap for sure. I’m looking at SLG pictures of 20S pink that my SAs sent me before the pandemic. I personally prefer this shade of pink over the Pearl Crush pink. Seasonal bags are cute, but I always end up choosing classics :blush:
    If you missed out on 19C pink, don’t miss out on 20S pink :smile:
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  10. Is the 20s medium pink lighter than the pearl crush?? I can't tell :confused1:
  11. Hope you don’t mind my borrowing of your picture. Top is 20S pink :smile:

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  12. Ahhh they are different. I hate how they have the same color code bahaha. I hope the medium is a bit brighter in person!
  13. Boutique lighting often changes the actual shade :whut:
    I still think 20S pink is like Barbie pink. This is the pink I would get if I missed out on 19C pink :smile:
    But ultimately, it’s what you love :heart:
  14. I KNOW!! It's so annoying haha. I keep looking at pictures I have and it looks like a super dull pink!? I hope it looks like the small vanity case in real life!!

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  15. The SLGs I saw did look like this small vanity case :hbeat:
    I love this pink. I would jump on it if I didn’t purchase my 19C pink jumbo hehe :giggle:
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