Medium flap...cross body

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  1. Hi all, just bought a medium caviar flap and i was wondering, what do people think about it being worn across the body? my friend wears her medium flap like that, but i feel like it falls a bit short. what do u guys think?
  2. :lol:but it frees both of your hands. and no worry it will slide off the shoulder when you move your arm.
  3. It's very convenient and looks nice if the chain is long enough, but if it's too short, I think it would look funny. I should try it with mine and see how it looks.
  4. so, do you guys also sometimes wear it like that?
  5. Would love to see modeling photos
  6. I think you have to be very slender to wear it cross body. I wear my 227 reissue messenger style but I find the chains on my medium classic flap too short to wear as a messenger.:yes:
  7. i have a white medium flap and when i wear it across my body messenger style i think it looks good. not too short, not too tall. i guess it depends on ur height. im around 5'4..
  8. does anyone mind posting a pic of their medium flap cross body?
  9. I think that it falls too short and doesn't look too hot, and I"m short. 5'1.
  10. Medium flap doesn't look good carrying across body, the chain is indeed too short. Mini flap would look nice though.
  11. pls dont take it serious. i was joking there. i never wore it cross body. :P

    it is not the right style that will look good wearing it cross body like a messenger bag.;)
  12. That's what I'm concerning. I love to wear my 225 cross body. I tried the medium flap before at the boutique & it wasn't landed as nice as the reissue. (BTW, I'm 5'4 & short waisted). I'm still debating if I should go for the mini instead. :hysteric:I'm hoping there'll be mini that comes in either the new Pre-fall purple or red. Anyone knows?

  13. I completely agree -- I'm 5'2" but the medium hits at a funny spot when worn cross body.
  14. I don't wear my purses cross body.. if I wanted to, I'd wear a messenger bag instead.
  15. I wish it could be worn cross-body, but it definitely falls too short.