Medium Drawstring Hobo?

  1. HUGE favor TPF girlies!

    my SA called and said she just got in the medium drawstring hobo in oatmeal (resort '07)... marked down from 995 to 399... sounds like a good deal! i saw the black one in the reference thread, but was wondering what you girls thought of the style/ deal... i need to get out of the habit of buying things just bc they're cheap, but at the same time, i'm interested to get some feedback...
  2. If you have your eyes set on another bag, then pass on this. But if you previously liked this bag before she called you, then go ahead and get it. Don't let those sale goggles fool you!

    luvpurses24 has this bag; she really likes it and hopefully she'll stop in and give you more info.
  3. pauses to remove sale goggles...

    you're right... i never even thought twice about this bag until she called... i don't want/ need it! tempting sale though... i'll just save up for a berry stam:p

    thank you as ever thithi!
  4. Good! Save that money for a bag that you really want! The berry stam is TDF.
  5. Well, it sounds like you've already made up your mind not to get it, but just in case you're still thinking about are some pics of mine. Thithi is right, I do love this bag. I wish I had gotten it for as great a price as you but that's okay. It's been worth the money.

    Did your SA say whether it was available in any other colors by chance? :graucho::p
    drawstring1.JPG drawstring2.JPG drawstring3.JPG Pic880.JPG
  6. Oooh!
    I love that bag, luvpurses24. It is definitely unique.
  7. thank you so much for posting pics- it IS a gorgeous bag... but i am officially banning myself from buying any more neutrals. i need more color on my arm:p

    she only had that one bag in oatmeal... but she assured me she call the next time she gets a great deal in, and i'll make sure to post!
  8. You have great will power vintagelove! When I bought the bag, it was also available in the Truffle color. I was slightly hoping that color was still available at such a great price. Oh well!

    And thanks cooper1 for your compliment! This is truly one of my favorite MJ bags!
  9. Wow! It really holds a lot. Your bag is lovely!!