Medium Downtown Patent - Navy or Black

  1. This is my first time posting but I've been reading all of your posts!

    I just bought the downtown patent in Navy on Saturday at NM, I originally went in for the black but they were sold out. I love the Navy but I'm having reservations and thinking maybe I should get the black instead. I feel like the black is more versatile and will last longer. Any thoughts?? I'm now confused....:s
  2. i say keep the navy - i really think navy is so much more versatile. i think the black patent looks best when you're in all black or at least a black top. i personally accessorize with non-traditional colors since i wear alot of neutral and monochromatic outfits. KEEP THE NAVY!

    just curious, my SA at NM said that there was 1 navy patent left with the company. did you get yours in FL? she may be bluffing jsut to try to push me. i already bought the cypress green and black/violet so i'm torn about a 3rd!
  3. Thank you :smile:I do love the navy.....I got mine at NM in Short Hills, NJ which was the last one in that store (not sure about store wide),but I do know that the YSL store in New York (Madison Avenue) has 2 Navy's left...
  4. Keep the navy - I think it will be best for year-round (can't you picture it in summer?!) and great for now too!

    Post some pics please - I'd love to see it!
  5. I think the navy is gorgeous! It's dark enough to be versatile, and yet still has that nice hint of color :yes: Congrats!!
  6. My vote is for the navy!!!! There are a million other black bags you could get, but the YSL in navy patent is really stunning.......
  7. Thanks Ladies!!

    I'm definitely keeping the navy! :tup: She is a beauty....I will post pics soon!