Medium Downtown Bag in Black Patent

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  1. Has anyone seen this anywhere. Preferably at NM? Its sold out on their website. Let me know if you've seen it or if you think it would be impossible to find. This will be my first YSL. I'm usually over on Balenciaga =)
  2. I bought a black patent medium Downtown at NM in Austin last week. It retailed for $1,395. What's confusing is that the dimensions of my bag are 19.5" wide x 14" high x 9.5" deep and the brown patent on the NM site is completely different dimensions (I was told that the one I bought was definitely a Medium!). I hope you find one because it is GORGEOUS. I just sold a Balenciaga to help fund it :smile:
  3. You should be able to find one at a YSL boutique.