Medium Denim Carly...Should I buy it for...

  1. ...$345 total??? Remember, I have the Large Denim Carly that I was thinking of returning?!?!!?
    Is this a good enough deal or should I wait and see if Macy's gets these in for the F&F sale???
  2. Did you find the large too big?
  3. I am not sure?!?! It LOOKS fine on me, but it is a BIG BAG! It's the PRICE of the large I am not happy with....I'd rather spend $100 less - or even less than that. I guess I should just be patient and see if I can get the Large at the F&F sale next week....just don't know if my Macys will have those in by then?!!?
    UGH...I hate waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:

    I found a NEW Seller on eBay who has a Large Denim Carly (and the Chocolate). I had seriously thought about chancing it and asking if they'd do a BIN for a really good deal. I risking too much!?!? Kinda Scary.
  4. I don't know if Macy's will get the Medium Denim Carly in time. Hopefully they will. Good luck!
  5. If you wait you most likely won't have second thoughts=)
  6. If you love the large -but not the large price tag - then the medium is not going to make you happy. Can you find a way to be okay with the price? Tell your hubby that he can call it part of your XXXX present (birthday, mother's day, anniversary etc). Then maybe the guilt will go away and you can actually enjoy your gorgeous purse!
  7. That is what I am trying to okay with the price of the large. If you think about one way, I ACTUALLY only paid about $225 for it - I had credit from returning the Multi-Stripe Demi & Mini Skinny. But....that is also another $250 that I could have back in my hand. I am about to bring her out again and load her up with my stuff so I can see how I like her - more/less/same?!?! She may be going back today, but maybe not:rolleyes::graucho:
  8. What I am going to say concerning spending money is about guilt. If spending that $100 dollars is a concern because you need that money to pay a bill or buy groceries, then you know what you should do. IF the guilt is purely emotional then consider these things.
    Do you LOVE the bag?
    Do you want to keep the bag?
    IF the answer to those questions is YES! then there are ways to cut back on other spending to make you feel better about the bag. I used to find I was spending a lot of "little money" that really adds up. Coffees, magazines, makeup splurges, take out, etc. Things that don't give you any long term pleasure like for instance, a large Carly. If you brew your own, leave the $5 magazines on the stand and not buy ANOTHER lipstick this month you will have saved $100 rather quickly. And you have it invested in something you can keep and continue to enjoy. Of course, this is all jmho. :smile:
  9. Okay....I've made my decision. I took the Large Denim Carly out again to look at it, try it on, load it up. It looks SO GREAT! Then, I set it on the bed while I put my makeup on. I kept glancing at it. I finally thought...what tha heck am I being so darn indecisive about?!?! I obviously don't love it enough to pay that much for it (if I DID, I wouldn't be having so many hesitations about keeping it), so why am I trying to convince myself to keep it? If I feel iffy about it now, I KNOW I would have regrets after cutting the tags off and using it. I do LOVE the bag, but I don't $430+ love it. SO....I am taking it back TODAY. I am a little sad, but I KNOW I will feel so much better. Then, if it comes into my life's meant to be. Otherwise, I am just going to wait until the PERFECT bag (with the perfect price tag) for me comes along.
    I'm also taking my outlet purchases back (except for the agenda) - just not today...may have to wait till next week to make that trip.
    Thanks for helping me think this through...and for letting me "talk it out" here!;)
  10. I'm glad to hear you were able to make a clear decision. That is always a relief. You will know when the right one comes along!
  11. I've been calling my Macys store everyday to see if they have gotten the medium cotton carlys in. I too would like to get one during the friends & family event. When I am ambivalent about a bag I don't cut the tags off and wait to see how I feel about it a day or two later and then make my decision.
  12. Good luck with returning it and finding something you really love! No use in paying over $400 for something that doesn't sit well with you =)