Medium college vs medium Nikki

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College or Nikki

  1. College

  2. Nikki

  1. Hello all. Looking for a little help. I decided to treat myself this week to a medium college bag as it had been on my wishlist forever! Of course in the store I was in love and everything was perfect. Then, as I’m sure you can relate, I got home and realized how small it actually is. All of a sudden my daily essentials barely fit inside (how was this not the case in the store?!? ). I still adore the aesthetic of the medium college the most. I’m personally not a fan of the larger size on my frame.

    I then discovered the medium Nikki and also fell in love. While the aesthetic is different, it has grown on me a lot. I see how easy, roomy, and great for every day it is. I’m thinking of returning the college for the Nikki.

    Do I keep what I love the look of slightly more or go with what will be more functional? I am very early in pregnancy and this bag was to be a treat for myself as a celebration but also a little pick me up as I’ve been feeling very ill. One must for me is that I choose something practical for my future daily activities. The Nikki still gives me tons of room to add things but the college is at capacity.

    What would you guys do? TIA! I feel so silly stressing over this but these beauties are not cheap!!
  2. Hi! So I just voted for the medium college, but I think both are great bags. Yes, the college is on the smaller side. Honestly, I would choose function and practicality over the looks of a bag. If you know that your daily items won't fit in the college (and you don't intend to downsize) then go for the Niki. I've tried the Niki on in store as well and I find it very functional - easy to get in and out of and very light weight. It also can be worn crossbody. Sometimes the bag we covet for so long turns out not being the bag that fits our lifestyle. If you want a day bag = Niki. And I hope you start feeling better soon :smile: Congrats on your pregnancy!!! Let us know what you end up getting.
  3. If the College Medium bag is too small for your needs you will end up hating it. But having said that you need to get a bag that makes your heart sing and excited to use it.

    The Saint Laurent Niki Bag is very lightweight. The leather is not delicate so you don’t need to Baby it. It can be worn crossbody or as a shoulder bag. It has a back pocket for your phone. It also has a black logo which makes it less flashy and very chic.
  4. Thank you ladies! I kept the Nikki! I have fallen in love faith it and it’s so much more practical for me. Thanks for the feedback :smile: