medium classic with flap and without flap?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Are there two versions of the classic flap? I want the white one and someone wrote in another thread that they had a medium classic with no inside flap. Can you specify when you buy whether or not you want it to have a flap inside? Or are these two completely different bags?
  2. I was wondering the same thing! Is the "Non-double flap" called the 2.55? Also, is the quilting different on the leather?
  3. I think I may have mentioned this. Yes, such bag existed but is more of a modified version of the medium classic with flap; thus, no flap. Even the secret label bag, which has no flap, is a modified version of the classic. I use a non-flap bag daily, as opposed to the med classic with flap, which gets in the way.

    And no you cannot specify or order a med classic without the flap. Chanel will not do a special order to make one without the flap, unless it came like that.
  4. i thought that all medium/large flap bags are double flapped and only the jumbo flap is single flapped?