medium classic flaps in France

  1. Hi everyone, i have a friend whos heading to Paris soon:yahoo: ! I would like to get a classic flap in medium.

    does anyone have any idea as to what colors are available? and how much it costs in euros? Im leaning towards the seasonal colors like pink or plum(violet) shade. THANKS for the input, your help is appreciated:yes: :heart:
  2. I am not sure on the price in euros but do make sure you give the person getting this for you the dimensions of the bag you want. I believe the flap comes in 3 sizes, but no one seems to call the smallest size "small" goes by "medium" then the next size goes by "medium-large" and the largest size is "jumbo" . You would think that if you ask for "medium" you'd get the size in the middle, but when I asked for medium in the US, I was shown the smallest size bag, which is really quite small and fits barely anything! To make things even more confusing, there's also the E/W which is smaller than the medium-large.
    If you go to the reference pages, they have the sizes listed. HTH's.
  3. The medium flap in lambskin are about 1600€ and they start at 1550€ (small), medium 1600€ and about 1700€ for the large. It might be that there are 50-100 difference depnding on the colour e.g. blue is cheaper than black.
  4. tanja do you have price for the 224 size reissue/2.55 bags?
  5. Availability may be an issue, I tried to track down a medium black flap and apparently it is sold out in Paris. Not sure about other colors.. good luck and please let us know whether your friend can find you one!:p

  6. Hi tanja, thanks for the info! i just need to find out what seasonal colors they have at the moment.:p