Medium Classic Flap

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  1. Hello ladies,

    When do you use your classic flaps? They look so formal.. I love them but I was just wondering when would I actually use them if I do get one!
  2. I took my Jumbo to the Superbowl:p
  3. i use them whenever i feel like it, and actually about half an ago ago, i took them out and walk around with my pajamas and show them to my bf AGAIN! lol

    anyhow, i think it can look very chic/casual when wear with jeans.
  4. Cassidyfit1's Superbowl Outfit was Highly Recommended !!!!

    i personally find that the Jumbo gets the most usages...and it actually looks okay with sweat pants too :p 'coz I did model the Jumbo with very very extremely casual outfit somewhere in the tPF

  5. medium is a great size to dress UP or down!! I think the jumbo is more casual b/c of the size, cannot really take for a night out, or anything like that IMO... regardless, the flap is GREAT w/ just jeans, or even dressed up for going out on the town! besides, you'll have it forever!!
  6. :yes: :yes: ITA!!!
  7. I use my Jumbo Caviar flap with jeans, sweats, anything casual. Although it can go either dressy or casual - I tend to dress very casual in day to day life, so that's how I wear it.
  8. I'll wear my medium black lambskin flap with just about anything, dressed up or down, but it doesn't hold a ton. (Forget the Chanel sunglasses case. That will never fit.)
    A jumbo for everyday use is next on my list.
  9. OnyxBear,

    The Jumbo fits the Chanel sunglasses case, I had to make sure that fit in there!
  10. I use it to dress up an outfit and for causal days.
  11. i love it with a tunic and jeans, but it will go with any dress or evening gown also .
  12. ^^ITA.
  13. shouldereyecandy i love your avatar where is that place its amazing !! i love to take photos :smile:
  14. I am eyeing the jumbo flap currently. It looks a little big but it is roomy enough for daily use. Because of its size, I am thinking of getting one that is a little smaller. But, how big is the medium flap? Does it always come with double flaps? Beats me.

  15. I agree with Janny on this. But i think it depends on the material as well? Lambskin's so delicate n divine. I have a denim jumbo flap, a hand-me-down from my mum bought at least 10 years ago. As it's denim, i wear it during the day time messenger style; and i shorten the strap for the night! love it :yes: