Medium Classic Flap OR GST?

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  1. I'm thinking of getting a medium classic flap or the GST.. which one would you recommend?

  2. Both! They are two totally different looks. If you are only getting one I think it would depend on how much stuff you carry around with you. I don't carry a lot, so if I had to choose I would go for the medium flap. If you carry tons of stuff then get the GST. I only use the GST for travel and work.
  3. ^^^ couldn't have said it better. Hope "both" is an option! :tup:
  4. What is the bag for? An everyday bag?? Or a day/night bag?

    GST for everyday, medium flap for day/night
  5. Like everyone said, just get both. Once you get one, you will realize you want the other one too. We all do it. We can't help it. Resistance is futile.
  6. i personally dont like flap bags, so i say gst lol
  7. flap.
  8. Well said! It happened to me!:smile:
  9. another one for - get both!
    Both are awesome!
  10. I personally prefer flaps.
  11. GST is more versatile imo
  12. both! i have the gst and now i want a medium flap !
  13. ^ case and point. BOTH :smile:
  14. BOTH- sounds like a reasonable answer, when buying Chanels.:idea: LOL hehehehe.
  15. Medium Classic Flap for me!