medium classic flap measurement in australia

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  1. i've been reading thru some posting about the measurement of the medium classic flap bag in US equals to the large classic flap in australia.

    so, quick question, anyone know what's the measurement of the medium one in au? which one will be closer to 2.55; the medium one or the large one?

    And one more thing, has anyone see the 2007 classic flap in beige? is it more too cream/ offwhite or more to caramel??

    thanks heapsss!! :heart:
  2. large classic flap (medium in australia) is 10"

    go here for size and picture comparisons :smile:

    2.55 is the general style so both the large and medium are 2.55, ALTHOUGH that name is no longer used and has been reassigned to the reissue bags. the bag you are talking about is now most commonly referred to as the classic flap, or the timeless classic.

    i've seen alot of beige in the sydney boutique, most are that yellowy standard beige. i think light beige is a different colour and is more like ivory!
  3. thanks frayed_misfits that helps

    :heart: :heart: