Medium Classic Flap in Blush Patent & Pink Alligator HOT!!

  1. Ok, I cannot remember who was looking for this, by NM got the Medium Classic Flap in Blush Patent. They weren't supposed to, but ended up getting it just now.

    I also found out that NM just did a final mark down of the Alligator Bags (they have Beige and Pink). It went from $9500 down to $6650! Sadly, I can't buy it but figured someone here might want to take the plunge!:graucho: But here are pics of the Pink- it is so HOT!:love:

    My SA's name is Lisa Hamlin if you are interested (248) 635-8442
    PinkCroc1.jpg PinkCroc2.jpg
  2. Ooh I hope someone nabs that!
  3. ooooo my gosh!:drool: :heart: the pink bag is gorgeous! and the perfect pink too!who ever ends up with this bag os one LUCKY girl!!!
  4. I love the pink one !!! but it's $$$
  5. I am getting a jumbo classic in blush patent tomorrow--can't wait.
  6. I've love to take the plunge but the credit card sharks are already nipping at my toes. Took my breath away about how gorgeous it is.
  7. Ooohhhh! Why did you post this?? I am so tempted!
  8. ^maxter, get the croc bag! it will be the perfect addition to your python!!
  9. I honestly had a dream about this bag (in red) last night!

    ^jennifer if my SA called today and said she had this bag in red I would buy it!
  10. ^^I always say, that if you dream about it, you have to have it!
  11. The pink one is out of this world! Seriously, it is outrageously gorgeous!