Medium caviar flap as an evening bag?

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  1. I longed for a black medium flap in lambskin for so long… Got it 2 weeks ago and then was too scared to touch it not even talking about carrying it around. After reading all the threads here, I then went and exchanged it for caviar bag. Now I am again not 100% sure about. This is my first Chanel so I want to love it.
    Anyways, the medium caviar one looks so coarse and bulky. In front of the mirror, I tried wearing it with an evening dress and don't really see how I can wear this bag for a black tie event.
    Plus the chain/leather straps makes this annoying squeaky noise all the time - drives me insane.
    Do you think I should exchange for east/west flap, maybe even in lambskin? I will only be wearing this bag on weekends and then for dinners, parties. For day wear I am thinking to get another one, probably GST.
    Thanks so much.
    I cant work, cant sleep and eat - this bothers me so much :sad:
  2. For an evening bag, I use my wallet on a chain bags. They are small and have a long strap that can be left long or doubled or tripled over to shorten it. Also, the woc is only about $1,400. I use them for black tie events all of the time because they are convenient. It doesn't hold much though, so I'm not sure if it will meet your needs. You should do a search and look at some. I hope this helps.
  3. I think the medium is fine for dinners, parties, etc., but I don't think I'd use it for a black tie event. Not quite formal enough IMO.

    I don't think it's possible to find one bag to serve all purposes so go with what you love.
  4. I think it should be fine for black-tie event..

    I have intention to wear my classic flap large size in caviar leather too for any occasions or dinners. I think the black makes the bag sophiscated, so should be fine in my personal opinion.

    The chains on my bag, doesn't make any squeaky sounds, maybe you should wear it more oftenly to season your bag?

    If the outlook of the bag bothers you, an alternate suggestion is to get the timeless clutch in black patent leather.
  5. I've worn my black caviar Classic Flap as an evening bag many times. I really love how it looks. Mine doesn't make any squeaky noises but maybe it's because yours is still very new.

  6. Try the Timeless clutch, it would be perfect for black tie and evening. No chains to make noise either. I have 2 GF's who have it and love it, very elegant.
  7. First of all, welcome to tPF! :flowers:

    Sorry to hear you're having problems on finding your perfect bag. The caviar leather can be disappointing when you've experienced the gorgeous look and feel of lambskin leather :yes:

    The lambskin E/W may be a better choice for you, especially if you're only planning to wear it on weekends and for dinners. It will hold as much as the medium flap and the great features about the E/W are that it comes without the interior flap and that the chain is adjustable.

    The E/W is definitely a very cute flap, I really think you should try it out.

    Hope this helps and good luck on making your decision.
  8. I am also considering purchasing a medium caviar flap as a eveing handbag too... I think it should work... but agree for a black tie event it might be a bit big and a bit less formal.... Again it all depends on your style....
  9. I have a medium caviar that I bought initially for an everyday bag. Then I realized it is too small so it makes a great evening bag. Nice for dinners or parties. i would not use it for a black tie. For that I use my timeless clutch that I have in lambskin or another one of my clutches.
    I don't know why your chains would squeak. My chains have never squeaked on any of my bags.
    Good luck!!!!
  10. Thanks everyone for your thoughts!
  11. For special events lambskin is the way to go. Your description of caviar being too coarse is right on the money. I used my medium for more formal occasions but agree if you're in a long gown, then a clutch type purse is more in balance. (The chains on my purses don't squeak but I've read that some folks say theirs do. Maybe the leather needs conditioning (softening).
    In sum, I'd switch the caviar back to a lambskin.
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    Hi- Has anyone ever had an issue with a squeaky lambskin chain? I just bought one from ebay and it makes a noise. Is there something not legit with this one?
  13. i agree with the others re getting a timeless clutch for black tie. i just tried on M/l last week and it's too big. it's every day wear and for nice evening dinners at a nice restaurant. Potentially you could shorten the straps for an evening event with short cocktail dress but the small or even the mini is better for that purpose. At least within my conservative circle of friends, serious events where men wear tuxes and ladies wear floor length gowns mean small clutch. i'd rather carry a no name clutch for the overall look, kwim?
  14. I would just buy a beautiful satin evening clutch.. its timeless & forever...
  15. I agree with all the suggestions of getting a clutch! It sounds like you're not loving your caviar, and why hold on to it then?

    I hear you on the size not being evening perfect for evening -this is wholly dependant on personal style of course. I tend to wear a lot of strapless/asymmetrical dresses for black-tie/formal events, and I prefer a clutch, so as not to add chains/straps to the bare neckline. How about trying the timeless clutch if you prefer something smaller and hand-held? Chanel has other gorgeous clutches too!

    Or if you still want the chains, but something smaller and more delicate, how abou the chocolate-bar camellia flap in black lambskin? It's awfully pretty, and even comes in satin, which would be lovely for evening.