medium carryall vs. medium satchel

  1. Hi everyone, This is my 1st post but I frequent the forum. I am trying to decide between the medium carryall or medium satchel in black signature. Just looking for an everyday structured bag in this size range. I tried the large carryall and it's just too big for me, as well as the book tote. Also, I'm looking for a little more structure so my purse doesn't turn into a junk bag. I like the carryall but had concerns about the short zipper and if I'd outgrow it. I know I'll have to order it or get it from another store that still has them. I like the satchel but sometimes it looks plain to me. It was really my first choice but when I actually went to buy it, I wasn't that impressed. Also, I have an lv speedy 30 and thought the satchel has the similiar barrel shape. They are both cute bags. Any posts about your experience with these bags or opinion would be great. Thanks and have a great day.
  2. I Have The Large Carryall And I Like It Alot. So Easy To Get In And Out Of.
  3. i have the medium carryall and i love it!
  4. Carryall!
  5. I'm a fan of the large carryall
  6. i would go with the large carryall you can put more stuff in it
  7. ^the op said the large carryall was too big for her...
  8. Carryall. I prefer that style over the satchel.