Medium Carlys

  1. Does anyone know if the medium carly will be in an outlet soon. I am planning a trip next weekend to the outlet. My lil sis just asked for this bag. Do you think I can find one next weekend? If not, does anyone know how much these are at Dillards or Macys? TIA!:flowers:
  2. No carlys in outlets except returns (I think that's how it works).... And the demi :smile:
  3. No Carly's at the outlets now, if ever. You should be able to get them at coach and yes Dillards and Macys. The medium is $348 + tax :yes:
  4. Saw a large black leather one today at the outlet for 20% off.
  5. I guess it's pretty much hit or miss at the outlets. I only saw the demi's when I went yesterday.
  6. They had two last weekend at my outlet. Unfortunately they sold 15 minutes before I got there :sad:
  7. I have never seen a Carly at the outlets. I just returned my medium to the outlet and the SA's nearly jumped me! I think they grabbed it before it ever had a chance of being put on the floor. lol
  8. I saw a few at the outlet. The one i remember was a khaki/black medium carly and it was $309 and 20% off. It was gone the next time i went back to the outlet. it probably sold quick.