Medium Carly vs. Large Carly

  1. I'm debating whether or not to go with the Medium or Large Carly.

    I definitely prefer the Denim. When I saw the Large, I thought it was maybe too big, but love the way it slouches more than the Medium. The Medium seems to be a perfect size, but doesn't slouch as much, and the slouch in the Large really drew me to the Carly.

    Your thoughts? I'm so wishy-washy! :confused1:

    Thanks so much!
  2. I bought the medium and now I feel it's too small
    I wish I would of bought the large.
  3. I keep looking at that large one but I always think it's just too big so for me the medium is preferable. It really depends on your height/frame and what you like to carry.
  4. I bought the large - it's my only big bag - all my other's are medium and small. Everyone needs a big bag, no???
  5. i got the medium but found it way too small and uncomfortable over the I have the large and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
  6. I just recieved my Laege in the mail and it is pretty darn large.I didn't realize it would be sooo big. But I guess I'll see if it works for me.

    I wish I would have went to the store and tried them on before buying one on eBay but I guess I can always sell it if it is too big for me.

    But it's cute. It will hold a lot of stuff, I need to buy more stuff to fit in it. LOL
  7. Exactly why I got the large! All of my bags just fit the essentials, so I wanted a big bag that I can have extra room in for a bottle of water and what not.
  8. It doesn't seem as big once it slouches. I know when I opened the box when I got mine, I was shocked at the size, but once I put my stuff in it and it slouched, it's all good!:drool:
  9. I got the medium and wish I would have gotten the large. I like that my stuff is not lost in the bottom, but I think the large would look better with my big butt! I have a large hobo and it's hard to find things on the bottom. I was debating with my husband weather or not I should send it back. He said "Just keep it. You can get the big one next time." :yahoo:
  10. i think it depends on your needs, i agree that every girl needs on BIG bag and for me, the large does it!
  11. I just got my large carly a few days ago. The medium one was just plain uncomfortable on my shoulder. Although I'm short (5'), I'm not little (a size 16), so that may be part of the reason it didn't have the right "fit". Also, this is by far the largest bag I've ever carried. Typically, I much prefer structured, smaller bags; however, I tried this on & it felt very comfortable. Once it slouches, it doesn't look nearly as big. HTH in your decision!
  12. oh nooooo. i just got the medium carly, waiting for it to be sent to me. sounds like everyone finds it too small? but the big one seems so big!!!
  13. I LOVE the large Carlys. I love the size and the slouch and I find it a comfortable bag to use. I fell hard for this bag-I have it in three different styles. If that's not love I don't know what is! :love:
  14. I have seen the Large Carly in denim at my boutique. It is large and lovely, just not me. It is a great bag size. The medium is just too small. If you love it buy it because Jacksonville only has 250. Those will go so fast so act quickly.
  15. I have the medium and love it, but I don't carry water bottles or anything like that. I think it depends on your needs . . .