Medium Carly...take TWO!!!!!

  1. HI, girls! Well...after having that very depressing problem w/ the khaki/black Ali, I decided to "try again" and order a medium Carly....I HAD the chocolate brown signature medium Carly, but was concerned b/c the strap was short, that it wouldnt fit over a winter coat, so I got rid of it.... Well....I ordered a color that doesnt matter if it fits over a winter coat b/c it isnt dark! I ordered khaki/saddle!!!!!! SOMEONE (you know who you are) convinced me to do it and I thank YOU!!! I am just hoping that when it arrives (by Wed) that it is in pristine condition. IF I have to go BACK to that boutique w/ a defective bag AGAIN I am going to be VERY upset! PLEASE hope for me that this bag comes in perfect! It's the medium Carly, khaki/saddle. and I am VERY VERY VERY (did I say VERY?????) excited!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats! :yahoo:I hope the bag is up to standards! :yes:
  3. I said it before, and I will continue to say lol I am SOO happy and excited for you!! :yahoo::yahoo: I personally think you made the right choice. I hope it all comes in and everything is great.. make sure you post pics when you get her.. you are gonna' love her!! :tup:
  4. Congrats! Hope it works out for you!
  5. Congrats!! I'll send up a prayer to the Coach gods that this one is in perfect pristine condition for you!!
  6. Congrats! That is a very pretty bag, I hope it comes in perfect for you!
  7. :yahoo:Happy you are getting your Carly!!!! Hope it is perfect for you...!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Congrats! I hope that it will be in perfect condition!
  9. Thanks, girls!!! It should be here by Wed the latest....I'm hoping sooner! Keep sending those prayers up to the COACH G-D's for me!!!! I cant bear to see another beautiful, poor, defective bag!
  10. Congrats and praying to the Coach Gods for a perfect bag!
  11. Thank you!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yippie for Carlies!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  13. I just got that bag for my friend. Actually I gave it to her today and she LOVED it!!!! It was her 1st Coach (real anyways!!!) Its really nice. I can't wait to get my signature black on on friday!
  14. Yay!!! I hope this time it works out for you!!
  15. ME TOO!!!!! Thank you!!!!