Medium Carly or the Sig striped tote?

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  1. Which do you gals think is better- the medium sig tote in kakki brown or the medium carly bag (not sure which color or style yet)???
    I can't decide. I have other coach bags similiar in color, ect. but I can't decide on the style that I like the best. I love the large carly but I think it looks too big on me. How heavy is the carly bag when your carrying it around? Do your things fall out of the sig strip tote (no zipper)? Any pros/cons? Which is more popular?
  2. hhmmm I vote for Carly! :yes: Any color is nice, I personally LOVE the khaki/beet :tup: They also have now khaki/natural, khaki/bronze, and khaki/brown.. you just have to order them, they are not in the stores yet. Let us know what you decide!!!!
  3. Carly all the way! good luck deciding! i'm sure whatever you choose you will LOVE! :heart:
  4. Carly! I think no zipper would drive me crazy, plus I am loving my Carly as an everyday bag right now. :love:
  5. Sig Stripe Tote!
  6. carly!
  7. Carly all the way.:tup::yes:
  8. Carly!