Medium Carly Denim vs. Legacy Slim Flap Denim

  1. Hello there!
    I went to Coach today. I've been wanting (for the longest time) the Medium Carly in Denim. I tried on the Legacy Slim Flap in Denim and I loved it!! Very much like the Ali, but slimmer. I have a black leather Ali already, but think that I may have to cave in for the Slim Flap.

    Does anyone have this bag? Thoughts?

    Thanks so much!

  2. I don't own the Slim Flap but I have seen it IRL and I think it's gorgeous. As long as it is big enough to hold your stuff, go for it! I have the large denim Carly and I just adore this fabric and pattern. Here's a pic of my denim obsession!:nuts: Just remember that the Slim Flap is only about half as wide as the Ali!
  3. Anyone have pictures of the slim flap?

  4. Slightly OT, but I LOVE your denim collection!! Are those sneakers comfortable?

  5. [​IMG]
  6. Thanks! I haven't worn them in the street yet but they have a nice full cut and seem to be comfortable so far. I plan on wearing them out soon!
  7. CARLY!!! But I'm a super fan of that bag, so I'm biased!!
  8. I have a slim flap (not denim) and I love the wide leather strap & how it fits under my arm perfectly. You don't see too many people carrying the slim flap either, at least, I don't.

    I love the carly, but don't own one, so this is a toughy!
  9. Ooh, the slim flap is gorgeous, just like the Ali! I prefer the more structured style of the slim flap, so I am biased. Both are beautiful bags, though.
  10. The slim flap is really pretty, I like the leather trim.
  11. [​IMG][​IMG]

    heres me wearing one, i sold it because i got an ali and dont wear much denim BUT
  12. I Thought It Was An Amazing Bag!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:

  13. That must have been hard to part with-it's gorgeous!