Medium carly denim/chocolate not on

  1. I see the demi and large carly.. but no medium?
  2. Yeah, I didn't see it either.
    I also didn't see the small sig ergo.
    Am I missing it?
  3. I just called my local Coach boutique and they do not carry the new chocolate or demin medium carly. What's up with that?:sad:
  4. I saw them at Dillards today. They had the pouch, the demi, the medium, and the large Carly in denim and chocolate.
  5. so it is department stores only maybe?
  6. ^i think so, yeah.

    i wanted to order a medium in jade over the weekend, but they don't have it.
  7. I think so too. I was in Dillard's yesterday and saw the medium in chocolate and denim.
  8. weird
  9. I want the medium as well...I was hoping to get it at Coach so that it would count toward the PCE eligbiility.
  10. medium carly's are at Dillard's and Nordstrom.
  11. Wow, I always assumed everything would be available on at least. I never knew there were department store only Coach bags.
  12. There is a camel trimmed signature Ergo line that is department store -only too. It is just like the kahki/brown totes and hobos at coach only with the light camel as the leather.
  13. Medium Carly in Denim/Chocolate is available from the Coach store. I ordered it 3 weeks ago and recd. it in 2 days. Don't know why it isn't on the web site?:rolleyes:
  14. I just called the Coach number to ask if the medium cotton carly was available to be ordered, and she said it was not, this is WIERD! :shrugs:
  15. There is no small cotton signature wristlet, either! But if it's at Dillards, I might swing by tomorrow night.