Medium Carly--Black or Brown Signature ??

  1. I thinking of getting my First Carly in the Medium Black Signature or the New Brown Signature .

    I Can't seem to decide. I have the Black Signature Shoulder Zip handbag and the khaki/ebony Ergo Tote but do not have any in the Brown/Brown. I know Black can go with anything---but will the Brown?
  2. I think it is just a matter of personal choice. I know people that love black and almost only wear it, and think it goes with anything.. that is how I feel about brown!! I think it goes with everything, my belt is brown and most of my shoes are brown.. I also wear a lot of brown shirts and that... probably just a choice you have to make of what you will wear more/like better.. that being said, I vote brown!! :tup: I LOVE the chocolate color!
  3. ahhh stop yelling at me, I'll give you my opinion, geez!

    hehe, just kidding girl!! I say def go with the new all brown carly! I have it as well as a bunch of other girls here and we all love it. I actually think brown matches with more stuff than black. Since you already have black and khaki, go for the brown!
  4. I'd go with the brown. I already have a black signature bag as well. I can't imagine getting another black sig. So... I vote for the brown!! :smile:
  5. Lol, I have a friend who has brown hair and says She can wear her khaki with anything because her purse matches her hair.
  6. I think the choice between black and brown is usually a fairly obvious personal choice. Most people do prefer one over the other, but if you're looking to expand your Coach color choices then definitely go for the brown! It'll round out your collection, all your bags will be different colors and you'll have something that goes with pretty much everything!
  7. Go for the brown, it's such a beautiful bag!
  8. I have adopted it as my sole mission to get everyone to get a brown sig carly.......
  9. Really? Because I was beginning to think it was your mission for everyone to get that Legacy stripe keyfob you have as an avatar! It's gorgeous and ever since I saw it on one of your postings, I want it! :drool:
  10. [​IMG]

    Brown! Look how stunning it is!
  11. I personally like brown more than black in most brown!
  12. OR you could get the khaki/ebony Carly and have both black and brown in your bag!!!!! See fieldsinspring's post w/ pics of her new khaki/ebony's HOT!!!! Good luck w/ your cant make a wrong decision w/ a Carly..they are ALL gorgeous!!!!
  13. I would definitely go with the chocolate Carly! It's gorgeous and I think brown is a great neutral color that goes with so many other colors.
  14. Brown....I just got the large carly in brown and it is TDF.

  15. aaargghhh...stop it...I am seriously lusting after the khaki/ebony and you are just cementing my if only I lived somewhere I could get one besides eBay...