Medium Campana or New Pyramid?

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  1. I'm about to purchase my first BV. I've been looking at the Medium Campana or the New Pyramid in Nero. I prefer something that is fairly easy to get into, won't tip over when you set it down and can hold a decent amount without feeling like the bag is wearing me (if you KWIM). Definitely shoulder carry but comfortable. I'm 5'6" about 110 lbs for reference.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated... TIA!
  2. Welcome to BV. :biggrin:

    Both beautiful styles. The Pyramid looks more casual to me. I'm considering one myself right now in Dark truffle.
    One strap versus two. I always have trouble with a strap falling off my shoulder with 2 strap bags but buy them anyways. I'll put up with just about anything for style but a lot of people won't.

    Just a couple of thoughts. Have fun deciding and taking in all the views you'll get here on this fabulous forum!
  3. Thanks Bichon Lover!

    The two strap issue is my main concern about the Campana. The other is the open top. As much as I love an open top, my other concern is that it won't hold it's shape and everything will fall out every time I set it down.

    My concerns about the pyramid is the zipper top. I always like the idea but I hate it when the zipper prevents you from getting into your bag easily.

    This forum is great! I just finished reading about all the different leather weaves. Amazing! Thanks to everyone for all the great info on BV!

    I'm really looking forward to everyone's input!
  4. Welcome!

    One thing to consider is that the New Pyramid might be harder to find in nero. My understanding is that it was a seasonal color for the New Pyramid and is no longer produced, no longer in the boutiques. Nero is a classic color for the Campana, so it should be readily available.

    I think both bags would suit you, size-wise. Neither one is at all oversized, in my opinion. The Campana is more streamlined, while the Pyramid has some drape.

    As Bichon Lover said, the 2 straps versus one is a consideration. The Campana might be easier to get into in the sense that you can keep one strap on the shoulder while using the other to hold the bag open, plus the Campana does not have a zipper top.

    I think the New Pyramid might have more holding capacity, but I've never actually tried the Campana to compare. I think they're both fairly roomy in that they both have those wide bases (which probably will allow the bag to stand, not tip over--but again, I've never actually tested the Campana's standing ability).

    Aside from these factors, the shapes are different, and the New Pyramid has the exposed brass rings, so it depends on whether you prefer one style to the other.

    Good luck deciding.
  5. Nero New Pyramid...all the way! I have that bag and cannot say enough positive things about it. My bag is made in what BV calls Capri Leather, it has a sheen. If you can find one, you will be lucky. I've always felt the New Pyramid was a style best described as if the Veneta and the Sloane had a baby. It combines the boxy style of the Sloane with the Slouchy softness of a Veneta. It definitely stands up by itself and is secure. The New Pyramid is comfortable and has enough clearance to be worn with a coat.
  6. I don't have a Campana, but I have a New Pyramid which I love! The size is perfect - it holds a ton without looking too big. I love how it drapes - that's what sold me on this style! I really like the zipper option. You can always leave it unzipped if you want to get in and out quickly.
  7. I've owned both and will echo everything that jburgh said. My current daily bag is a New Pyramid (Ferro color). It's roomy without being a cumbersome size and frankly, easy to get into. Honestly, most of the tim, I have it unzipped or partially zipped and it doesn't gape open. But I can zip it shut for security when I wish.

    The 2 straps were a probem for me. I prefer single strap bags for shoulder-wearing.

    They both are beautifully-styled bags.
  8. I would definitely choose one strap over two, especially when both handbags are equally beautiful
  9. New Pyramid!!!! It is soooo light weight.
  10. Thanks everyone!

    One last question. Do you have to take it off the shoulder to get into it? This is something that always bothers me a bit so I've never had a bag with one strap. Maybe it just takes a little getting use to? I always love they way the hobo looks especially when it has a little slouch like the new pyramid. It looks so comfortable to wear and really easy to wear.
  11. If you leave the New Pyramid unzipped, then you can reach your other hand into it, but I always take it off my shoulder to access.
  12. campana is a bit more dressy if that matters to you. i have a ferro new pyramid like boxermom! and i adore it, but always lust for a campana.

    get both! they are not mutually exclusive
  13. Kyung Hwa: i have a medium campana. it doesn't "stand up" by itself, unless you have alot of stuff in there. the BV leather gets softer and smooshier with time, so if it is important to you that the bag stands up, the campana is probably not for you. (not this time anyway!)

    that said, it's a great bag to have. i like how it's dressier and more formal.

    hope this helps!
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    What do you carry in your bag? The medium campana holds quite little and won't close at the snap unless it's really very little.
    The new pyramid will definitely hold a lot more, I think in terms of size, it is the most ideal hobo of all BVs, imo.
    However, I do prefer the look of the med campana more.
  15. i have medium campany and love it. It's not a mommy's bag, it' more casual, adult bag. The pyramid does hold a lot more, I have tried it on at the boutique, but it's very bulky for me. Kyung HWa, you should try it on, Neiman and saks do carry them.