Medium Campana or Drawstring Tote (Bella)

  1. Tried both on today and cannot decide. I like the overall style of the Campana but the medium seems a little small the large seems way to big and the shoulder straps don't stay up. Do the straps improve as the bag is broken in? I also love the drawstring tote that some call the Bella bag. Should I worry about the strap wearing out because of the tension and friction drawing through the grommets? I like that it would hold all my basics plus an iPad occasionally. Interested in any pros or cons with either bag. I am considering ebano. Are both good everyday bags? I like 2 handled bags that are easy to get into. Any other options to consider?
  2. I like both styles but I can only comment on the large campana though I did try on the bella a few years ago. I find the campana's straps stay better when crossed over each other but it also depends on what I'm wearing. If it's something with texture like a sweater, the straps stay fine but if it's a silky material they tend to slide and drive me crazy. Over time, the campana has softened nicely and I like that I can carry what a need and still have room for a small knitting project. When I tried the bella, it kind of stuck out away from me and looked awkward. My dd was with me at the time and she didn't like it. I was new to BV then and now that I've seen how the leather softens and conforms over time I'd be tempted to own a bella. The adjustable strap appeals to me and yes I do think with a lot of use it will wear, especially if you carry a heavy load. But I'm sure it can be repaired/replaced by BV if necessary.
  3. In terms of looks, I prefer the med campana. It's just more classy.

    I am big on looks so I would sacrifice the straps not staying well on the shoulders.

    However, if this bothers you too much, then choose the Bella because she would wear much more comfortably. I would wear the bella with the strap pulled all the way, so it's like a single strap.
  4. So now I am warming up to the large Veneta. Would that be slightly larger than the medium Campana? Is it difficult to get into while on the shoulder? Is the zipper annoying? Any thoughts on the 3 bags I am considering as an everyday bag? Med. Campana, Large Veneta, Bella. All in Ebano.
  5. I vote one million times for the large veneta. It's perfection.
  6. I am on the fence on this one. I think I would choose the Campana. I love the look of the Veneta but sometimes it gets on my nerves with all my stuff in it...I think if it were just a little deeper...
  7. The capacity of the large veneta is most definitely more than the med campana.

    The thing about the Med campana is if you put more things in it, the magnetic snap closure won't be able to meet. Personally, theres not a lot you can put in there.

    Zippers dont annoy me at all. But some people like to be able to reach into their bag with one hand, while the bag is still on the shoulder. For me, I always take it off my shoulder first.

    If it is your first Bottega, the large veneta is highly recommended.
  8. Is the capacity of the med. veneta comparable to the med. campana? Is the opening annoying to get in and out of? It appears to have the opposite problem of the campana ... One is too open and the other not open enough! The BV leather is so wonderful but I' beginning to question the practicality of the designs.
  9. the bella tote doesn't have a drawstring but it does have the handle you can pull through and make longer cinching it tight if that is what you mean
    I think the campana and the veneta are two different animals
    the campana will always feel like it holds more because it is open
    I found that people that live or work in the city prefer the veneta because of the security of the zipper
  10. Well, I made a trip to the city today just to check out the Venetas and I am sold on the large Ebano Veneta! If I am good little girl I'll have one under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning! It definitely holds more than the medium Campana and drapes much more nicely. And it is so lightweight! The Bella and Campana straps were very annoying and in the end the simplicity of the Veneta won me over. Yipppee!
  11. Congrats OP! Wise choice. You won't regret it :smile:
  12. Viaggiare, you will love it. It's my favorite BV style. Be sure to add yours to the veneta count thread. Enjoy!

  13. You made a perfect choice! Congrats and enjoy!
  14. I vote for the Large Veneta as well. It is classy while still being very functional and spacious.
  15. Most people start out with a Veneta
    It is BV's signature bag
    can't wait to see your reveal